Sunday, December 27, 2009

Invocation of the Ogdoadic Elemental Godhead of Water

I have completed the next phase of the Abramelin Lunar Ordeal, which makes me ready to begin the actual Abramelin ordeal. This ordeal will consist of three days of fasting, meditating and praying, with the final evening being devoted to the revised Bornless One invocation and assumption of great power rites. I will become incommunicado during that period, so whatever happens to me will not be reported or written up until after the first of the year. Yet I am getting ahead of myself, since I have three separate workings to discuss with you and examine in detail.

Previously, I was told to perform a ritualized meditation session to reconnect and reestablish my alignment to the eight super-archangels before I attempted to do the rite that joined them together. I was going to do this in four separate evenings, one for each element. However, due to the time of the season (it being just before Christmas), I decided to shorten this extra working to just two nights, focusing on the four super-archangels of Earth and Water one night, and Air and Fire the next night. I would also be able to test to see how these elements behaved when I crossed from one element to another using this revised methodology.

After the completion of the last working (weekend of December 11 and 12), I took a one day break and then began to perform some short sessions each evening of meditation and devotions to the Deity. December 16th was the New Moon, and all spiritual activity became very quiet and subdued, as if everything that had been done went into a brief hibernation. This continued all through the weekend, as I celebrated the Solstice with pagan rituals on Saturday followed by a well received feast. 
On Sunday, December 20, I performed the Bornless One Ring Consecration rite. This was done after consecrating the circle and saying the newest version of the Mass of the Goddess. The ring consecration rite was taken and adapted from the Greek Magical Papyri and was performed in two parts.

The first part was performed that evening, and the second part was performed just at the break of dawn, the sunrise of the Winter Solstice day. The two rings that I and Grace are using for this working were consecrated with incense, holy water, sacramental wine and host, and holy oil. The rings seemed to glow with a strange golden and greenish light, although such a colored light wasn’t anywhere in the temple. After the rings were consecrated and had the words of power said over them, I breathed the sacred breath upon them, and placed them in their squares of purple velour cloth. They remained covered until the next morning, when we went out into snow covered grove and exposed them to the first light of dawn and said more words of power over them. Unfortunately, the day was very overcast and there was no rays of the sun observable, but I imagined them in my mind’s eye, and completed the consecration rite. I have left the rings incubating in their purple square cloths until they are needed, then the final ritual actions will be performed to fully activate them. I expect to do this the day before the Bornless One Invocation is performed.

On the next day (Monday), I took a break from the activities to spend time with my lady, Grace, since she was leaving to spend Christmas with her parents. I was supposed to perform a kind of ritualized meditation session for each of the four elements, re-establishing and re-aligning myself in preparation for erecting the Ogdoadic Tabernacle, consisting of the activation of all eight of the super-archangels. Since there was a lot of preparation that I had to do with the house and threats of a massive snow storm, I decided to consolidate the working on two nights (instead of four), and join the elements of Earth and Water, and Air and Fire. This consolidation worked out really well. So instead of starting on Monday, I was able to defer the two workings to Wednesday (December 23) and Thursday (December 24). I performed a meditation session instead the evening of December 22 after a day of many tasks, including some work related ones.

December 23. I started the evening with a circle consecration and the newest version of the Mass of the Goddess. I would focus on the Seraphim and Cherubim of Earth and Water. I started the working around 9 pm, but didn’t need to use specific planetary hours. The energy of the temple after the Mass was extensive, as if in anticipation of what I was about to do. I unsealed the vortex using unsealing spirals, established the Eastern gateway set with invoking pentagrams of Earth and Water, then passed through a double gateway. I used the staff to re-establish the vortex energy field and then erected it as a pylon, to re-establish the invocation of all four spirits. I had already set up the four consecrated and empowered sigils that were used to invoke the Seraphim and Cherubim, these were arranged on the four corners of the invoking Trigon, with the sigil of Ratziel in the center. I then intoned the Enochian invocation for all four spirits, and then re-read their visualized imago descriptions as I reconnected with each, touching the wand to the sigil and then creating a line of force from it to my forehead. I made contact with each one and then felt their combined power. The first thing that was communicated to me was the name of the Godhead that I was to work with in the next major working - that name was Aset-Sophia (Isis-Sophia or “Throne of Wisdom”). That combined Goddess aspect was to be superimposed on the Godhead of Water, Shadai El Chai (Almighty God of Life). This is what was communicated to me from the combined spirits of Earth and Water.

“Do not indulge in the sadness and death of the ego. Understand what this actually represents to one on your path. [Here I got a sense to examine the writings of Ken Wilber on this subject - Death of the Centauric level of development.] If you are bereft and overly mourn its passing, then you are greatly in error. Use your alignment to the Godhead to bring joy and bliss to your heart. The only necessary tears are those that are shed for joy and not misery or unhappiness. Don’t be dramatic or make this transition more difficult than it should be.”

I was thinking about the implied reference to Ken Wilber - the Death of the Centaur is actually the death or end of personal autonomy and the beginning of true spiritual service, which is the mark of the high adept. I felt compelled to know what this means in greater detail and focus on it as I undergo the ordeal of the vow of sequestering to be started on next Monday. I also need to think more deeply about maybe changing the order of the Elements that I am using in the ordeal in the Bornless One invocation rite, since the combination of Earth and Water is very harmonious.

December 24 - performed the ritualized meditation session of the invocations of the Seraphim and Cherubim of Air and Fire. As in the previous evening, I consecrated the circle, performed a Mass and went through the same ritual steps to re-establish and re-align myself to the four super-archangels of Air and Fire. This is what they communicated to me.

“You have been thinking about what was missing in your thoughts about the article ‘Magick and the Science of the Impossible’, and it has escaped you. We shall reveal it to you, as a sign of our bond with you in this ordeal. The missing consideration is the mind model which you call the assumption of “As If”. Occultism and magick are based on the mental game of imaginative creation - the “As If” preposition. It can be projected out into the material world, held in the mind, or used as a probe to penetrate deeply within the unconscious mind. It is the real tool whereby magicians harness what is in the realm of the impossible, making their dreams become part of what is considered possible. The ordeal must remain structured as you have already determined it. For this ordeal is meant to be harsh and difficult, not harmonious and easy to accomplish. This is true for the transition of the Elements and in the Bornless One invocation rite. Change the transition only when working with consecutive Element invocations - not ordeals. The Elemental Godhead within the Angelic Ogdoad represents the full realization of the active Godhead - in which to create and destroy a universe. To destroy and recreate the self in the three days of the Abramelin Ordeal.”

I was also told to make a combined sigil of Aset-Isis with Shadai El Chai. Aset-Sophia is the mistress of Briah, the divine throne or Khursia of Creation. I also looked up Ken Wilber’s statements about extending human development beyond the Centauric level of conscious development, and this is what he wrote - in the book “Atman Project.”

“To give up intentionality and self-actualization... because one has to give up ‘self’ – one has to let go of self-autonomy because God, not the ego, will soon motivate consciousness. If one can let go of ‘personal life’, on the whole, then one is open to transpersonal realms of the subtle and causal planes.”

December 25 - Christmas, reunited with Grace - no activity planned.

December 26 - Invocation of the Godhead Element of Water and generation of the Ogdoadic Tabernacle.

Performed all three rituals - Invocation of the Godhead Element of Water, Ogdoadic Godhead Vortex and the Triple Tetrahedral Gate rites. I decided to consolidate these rites that would have been performed on two consecutive nights into a single evening’s working. The secondary rites are short enough, so is the Godhead invocation. I felt that it could easily be accomplished in a single evening, thus freeing up Sunday, the only day that I would have to finish up business before the ordeal begins. All in all, this was a fortuitous decision, and everything worked out quite well. I also had to spend an hour on the Pyradym instrument (a powerful sound based therapy system) to alleviate feelings of extreme fatigue, which it did in an amazingly thorough manner. I was focused and alert, and ready for the working.

I set the magick circle at a little after 7:45 pm CST, so the planetary hour of Venus was locked into the working. The Mass of the Goddess was performed with assistance from Grace. I decided to forgo the Benediction rite, since the Mass would create a sufficient foundation for the invocation of the Godhead Element of Water, and because I was already empowering the circle with the eight sigils of the super-archangels. I will relate what occurred at each ritual level after the Mass, starting with the invocation of the Element Godhead.

Invocation of the Element Godhead of Water. I performed the invocation ritual, combining the summoning of the Godhead Shadai El Chai and the combined Goddess Aset-Sophia. The resultant energies and affects were gentle, warm, glowing, loving and compassionate - I felt quite inspired. I sensed a kind of ocean or sea goddess aspect, and I even heard sea gulls in the distance and briefly smelled the salt breeze. It was quite real and profound, but quickly passed. The Godhead invocation seemed to blend with the invocations in the Mass of the Goddess, and I sensed that the combination was summoning something that was a lot like Aphrodite merged with Persephone - underworld and oceanic.

Ogdoadic Godhead Vortex. After a brief break, I went on with the next ritual in the series. I set up the 8 sigils of the Seraphim and Cherubim to the four Watchtowers, mindful of the corresponding element, and the Seraph sigil set above the Cherub. The Element Godhead of Water was still active and resident, with the erect staff still set next to and towering over the charged sigil of the Godhead of Water hybrid. I then proceeded to set empowered pylons at each of the four Watchtowers, activating the Seraph and Cherub associated with the base element. The first one (Fire to the East) actually caused a powerful nervous “thrill” to run down my entire body, centered in the heart chakra and the third eye chakra. This sensation was intensified at each subsequent Watchtower until all eight of the Super-archangels were fully activated and joined into four pylons of magickal energy.

At this point, I felt as if a spike of empowered light was pushed through my skull, starting in the third eye and terminating somewhere in the core of my brain. I could use this “spike” to focus and look deep into things, promoting a kind of over-powering envisioning that threatened to keep me completely occupied, perhaps for far longer than I wanted - so I had to tightly control this new ability.

I then erected the Tetra-sacramentary cross-roads ritual structure, and this seemed to expand the power of the vortex energy field. I saw four distinctly powerful spiritual pathways, seemingly autonomous, merge into a single meta-spiritual pathway, representing perhaps that all paths lead to one unified path that encapsulated them all. I continued on with the ritual and performed the central Pylon of Summon, where I established the Element Godhead, which was already resident in the center of the circle (this part of the rite was probably quite redundant and had no additional effect).

It was at this point of the ritual that I performed the Summoning of the Holy Ogdoad of the Emissaries, where all eight points of the octagon ritual structure are joined together with the central Godhead Element. The result of this ritual action was truly incredible! At first I saw the four outer pylons as pillars of golden fire, with a larger pillar of blue fire in the center of the circle, with scarlet lines of force marking the cross-roads. The four outer pillars of fire began to bow towards the center pillar of fire until they merged with it, and then there was only one massive pillar of fire, only its color had changed to green with a golden core, and the cross-roads became a deep violet color. This image faded away completely, being replaced by a vision into which I was completely immersed. There was a diffused white light but no details, and in the midst of it all I sensed the super-empowered presence of the Godhead manifest with accompanied sensations of complete awe and astonishment from me. I bowed low before this invisible presence and adored it, so much love, devotion and compassion welled up from the core of my soul. I felt all of this passion and love reflected back to me, and magnified a thousand times. I lay there in state of rapture and bliss, with all of these feelings rocking the very foundation of my being. Then it subsided to a gentle and loving beingness-in-me, and the vision went from all misty and cloudy to one that was more clear.

I found myself standing on a beach just before the water, gently rolling in placid waves. The water was warm and inviting, and the sand was the purest white, while the waters of the ocean were greenish blue and grey slate colored. There were no shells or debris on the beach, and the sky and surrounding area was completely obscured by a warm misty fog, which seemed to envelope everything. Then a woman came walking forth from the ocean waves, she was obviously thoroughly wet and glistening with salty water. She was neither tall nor short, but seemed around the same height as myself. She wasn’t naked either, but wore some kind embroidered white shift that was wet and clung to her body, leaving her legs and arms naked. She was pale but not exceptionally so, her face was incredibly beautiful. She had long hair that was braided into numerous strands, probably of a light brown, but fitted with golden beads that made it look blonde. There were traces of seaweed in her hair and upon her shift, and on her legs. She looked natural and normal, except for her eyes, which were the most incredible shade of greenish blue, with very large and dark pupils, which made them look other-worldly. She smiled at me, and it seemed that the sun may have grown brighter in the misty sky. I walked into the water and approached her, she took my hands in hers and they were warm instead of cold. And then everything became silent, even the sound of waves and distant gulls. I heard her say to me in a whispered voice the following words.

“I am here and have come, as you desired me so. I have been waiting for you to come for untold aeons. This place, where the water meets the earth is the sacred meeting ground of mortal life and eternal spirit. In this guise that you see me now, I shall aid and help you to complete your quest. That quest is to awaken the God within you into full awareness, so that you and he, and me, might join in eternal embrace. I am your godly muse! Seek me in the days of your ordeal. Sing songs to me and recite mystical poetry. So shall the love of God arise and assume material form before you. Embrace it and love it fully. In this way you shall begin the path of your total transformation. Know this, that you have known me before, many times, even unto the dreams of your youth. I am the one who shall complete you. Never despair, for I am with you forever.”

Then the vision receded, slipping away and leaving me kneeling before the center of the circle, which was dark and cold. The memory of this moment was etched into my mind, and even now I can recall it with a frightening clarity.

I then performed the last working, the Triple Tetrahedral Gate. This final rite did not cause any further visions, but it only intensified what had already been a fairly mind blowing experience for me. I felt quite stunned at first when all of the rituals were completed. I felt as though I were drunk or stoned, but a surreal inner clarity remained within me, which was profound and deeply moving. I could function, but just barely - I was haunted by sounds and sensations of the misty sandy beach that seemed so near yet so far away. The ritual working was finally ended, and I felt beyond tired and exhausted. After properly grounding with a bit of food and drink, and mindlessly finished a few tasks, I went to bed, into an intermittent and dreamless sleep. I awoke still tired and affected by the rite.

Now that this final working is completed, all that remains is the ordeal itself, which begins tomorrow. During that time I will be completely sequestered, abstaining from all mundane cares as much as possible. I won’t be answering the phone, replying to email and I will avoid all forms of current events and the news. I will also be completely detached from all work related tasks, having arranged this previously. It will be as if I were dead to the world, at least for the next three days. On Thursday morning, I will arise and experience the changing of the year as one who is beginning a new life, that is, if everything goes as I assume it will. For the completion of this working and the report of its results, you will have to wait until this coming weekend. I hope to be able to report some remarkable experiences at that time, so stay tuned until then.

Frater Barrabbas

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  1. Truly beautiful and inspiring ... I'd love to be able to perform this ritual myself ....thanks for sharing.