Friday, May 16, 2014

Building A New Geomantic Elemental Oracle

Over the next several months I will be slowly and incrementally writing up the 256 octagrams that make up the Geomantic Oracle that I have invented. As I have previously stated, it is based rather loosely on the classical system of Geomancy. The Geomantic Elemental Oracle is a complete and comprehensive system of divination and magic that incorporates the ideas and structure of the I-Ching while maintaining a more western and elemental approach to this type of divination system. You can read my previous article here, and this should give you a pretty good background to what I am proposing to do with the Oracle.

I have to admit that it’s quite exciting to give birth to a new Oracle. I am not just following what has been established by tradition, even though there is a precedence for me to create such a divination system. Certainly, there is a need for it, and I feel a special calling to build it, even though it will take months or maybe even a year or more to complete. I believe that this massive project will be well worth the effort since the result is already turning out to be quite compelling. What I have decided to do is to share a completed octagram Oracle chapter here and in future articles so that you can see the results of my work. I think that you will be as excited about these fascinating octagrams as I have been in deriving and writing about them. Each chapter contains the Octagram, its attributions, keyword, and then a description, judgement and finally, an image. When completed, there will be 256 of them, and I suspect that they will run the complete spectrum of all possible human experience.

Here is the first one which I thought was interesting enough to share with you. If you have a moment, feel free to let me know what you think of it. Others will follow from time to time, but of course, you will only be able to find all 256 in a forth-coming book.

Frater Barrabbas

#30 Earth of Fire base qualified by Water of Water. Keyword: Seeing Deep Visions

Seeing Deep Visions indicates that a doorway has opened up so that the querent might be able to see deeply into the intrinsic nature of things. This is a very auspicious time that can have a momentous impact upon the querent. Many things have lined up in such a manner that the sage has a clear view of what lies far below, but this view is very temporary. Seeing must also be accompanied with perceiving, recognizing and understanding. It is important that what is seen is carefully examined over time, and it is even more important for the querent to seek out the guidance and counsel of other insightful minds, since what is seen may be obscure or even allegorical. The sage must persevere to fully realize this great gift of deep vision, and it will require effort and diligence to build that understanding and so not waste the momentous gift of seeing clearly and fully. 

Judgement - Seeing Deep Visions is a great gift, but it makes the sage responsible for understanding what is revealed. Thus, it is a gift and also a great challenge. Careful perseverance brings great good fortune, but wasting such a gift is the height of folly.

Image: Seeing Into the Well of Souls - thus the sage is given the boon of seeing into a greater depth than any previous insight. With this boon is also a challenge; will the sage take the vision as a blessing or as a curse? Only careful examination will further the blessings of wisdom thus acquired, but impetuousness will spoil the view.


  1. This seems like it's going to be a very in depth and broad encompassing oracle in relation to human experience. As a person who uses the Elder Futhark for divination purposes, I am often perplexed by the limited expression of only 24 + reversed symbols. I have, however, noted that a rune can have more than one meaning or touch upon an aspect of a situation in relation to its base meaning. Having an oracle with 256 different interpretations could give a deeper insight into whatever situation a practitioner is asking about. I would be more than willing to use this system to supplement my usual runic divination sessions.

  2. I'm wondering how you chose this particular octagram of your Geomantic Oracle to reveal first? Did you toss it, or was this one already written and did you purposefully select it for this post? I only ask because I personally find that it feels incredibly accurate.

    From the number; #30... to the Title; Earth of Fire base qualified by Water of Water. It's Keyword: Seeing Deep Visions... The Description, Judgement, Image... Very insightful; all of it.

    I am truly astonished, possibly due to my own personal experiences as of late. Either way, your system appears to be very detailed and I look forward to future entries regarding it.

  3. Thanks Rose and Jevaud. I deliberately chose this particular octagram because it was visually interesting and it had a significant meaning for me. From time to time I will post others that are interesting to me and hopefully to others. As I am assembling these meanings, I have found that the Oracle is quite amazing, deep and diverse. I am really looking forward to finishing it, but that will take some time.