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Art of Ritual Magic - Ritual Patterns for Advanced Magical Rites

I am continuing the discussion of the system of ritual magic as practiced in the Order of the Gnostic Star, where a synthesis of Alexandrian Wicca and the Golden Dawn has produced an entirely new methodology for practicing ritual magic. This new methodology has produced techniques and ritual structures that go far beyond the limits of both systems. Keep in mind that this methodology didn’t occur suddenly, but was the careful and tested product of over thirty years of occult practices and experiments.

From the writings of the “Disciple’s Guide toRitual Magick” and the series “Mastering the Art of Ritual Magick”, the basic or simple ritual working pattern has been described and extensively covered. I should note it here, as it occurs in the book, “Mastering the Art of Ritual Magick - Grimoire”.

Simple Working Pattern

1. Circle consecration rite
2. Rose Ankh Vortex rite
3. Lunar Mystery rite
4. Assumption of the Grail Spirit (Godhead Assumption)
5. Western Underworld Gateway
6. Pyramid of Power rite (specific magical empowerment)
7. Closing the Western Gateway and Sealing all circle nodes

The above ritual working pattern is not part of the system of magic as found in the Grimoire of the Order of the Gnostic Star. This working pattern represents a prelude and a training device that will aid the student in being able to understand and perform the rituals as found in the Order of the Gnostic Star. You will notice that the assumption of the godhead occurs as part of the Lunar Mystery and is performed before the actual magical working, which is done as the climax to the other performed rituals. I believe that this represents a natural progression of ritual workings - where the vortex is set, the godhead is assumed before the actual magical power is generated, imprinted and sent out. Because this working is performed within a vortex, the release of power may be delayed until all of the ritual workings that make a working set (if they exist) can be assembled together and performed before being unleashed, which may be many days or even months later.

Complex Ritual Working Patterns

This brings us to the heart of this discussion. What were the ritual workings and methodologies that I created from the special synthesis of Wicca and the Golden Dawn systems of magic? I will confine my discussion to the first four Elemental degrees of the Order, since more complex workings would require a great deal of explanation and the developing of a sensible context. I think that we have already established the context for the first four degrees of the Order, and these workings are quite complex when compared to what one is capable of doing with the lore of the Golden Dawn or Alexandrian Wicca.

The first four degrees have associated magical lore and techniques that must be mastered (and proven to one’s peer group) before one is able to advance to the next degree. The first four degrees have the following magical ritual workings that are a part of the lore of the Order:

1. First Degree - Elemental Magic (using the Enochian Godname Pair and Calls)
2. Second Degree - Talismanic Elemental Magic (using the Enochian Seniors/Kings)
3. Third Degree - Theurgy - Magical Evocation (Archangel Angel/ Demigod Invocations)
4. Fourth Degree - Lesser Archeomancy. (Full Angelic Theurgy & Goetic Evocation)

All of these ritual magical workings use the following ritual patterns explored below in the following paragraphs. These would be considered the more advanced ritual patterns as used by the Order, and are beyond the lore published in the Disciple’s Guide and Mastering the Art of Ritual Magick series.

Pyramid - Inverted Pyramid and Great Pyramid -
Uses 4 Watchtowers or Angles joined to either the Ultra-point or Infra-point, and 5 letter formula. Circle is squared and pylon is erected in the center of the circle. Pylons can be set to the four circle points as well. 3 circumambulation spirals to the center and 3 from the center to the periphery. Creates power vortex using the invoking pentagram. Inverted Pyramid is projected into the Infra-point, and the Great Pyramid uses all pylons. Ritual structure used for various kinds of ritual empowerment.

Gateway Structures - Trigon Gate, Tetrahedral Gate, Inverted Tetrahedral Gate, Grand Gateway -
Uses 1 Watchtower and 2 opposite Angles. Orientation can be to the West (Underworld), East (Ascension), North (Stasis - Winter) or South (Growth - Summer). 3 node gateway (trigon) or 4 node gateway (tetrahedron), uses either 3 or 4 letter formula and is set with invoking spirals or trapezoidal cross. Tetrahedral gate uses either Ultra-point or Infra-point as 4th node. Grand Gateway uses Ultra-point and 2 opposing circle points (usually East and West) to form an equilateral triangle whose focus is in the center of the circle. Used for establishing a ritual transition from one state to another (higher or deeper).

Octagon Elemental Vortex -
4 Watchtowers and 4 Angles joined to Ultra-point and Infra-point - with pylon established in the center of circle. Watchtowers established in deosil arc, Angles in a widdershins arc - joining produces a fusion of polarities producing a powerful vortex. Central pylon established using the tool of the staff. Variation: 4 Watchtowers set with pylon of elemental, and Ultra-point and Infra-point set with central pylon. Alternate circle points set with other devices - used to create the Elemental envelope in evocation working. Uses invoking pentagrams and other devices, also Enochian Calls.

Invoking Vortex -
4 Watchtowers or Angles set with Rose Ankh device and drawn together with Rose Ankh device set in the Infra-point - this is done with a widdershins arc. Circle points drawn together to center of circle producing a magnetic vortex used as base for invocations. Inner circle drawn (usually deosil) and used to establish talismanic device of septagram, eneagram or undecigram.

Lunar Mystery Vortex - used with Elemental and Talismanic Elemental workings -
Ritual pattern consists of the following five steps:
1. Erecting the 4 pylons that characterize the Zodiacal sign of the Sun. (base: element - apex: astrological quality - card., fixed, mut.) Set to the 4 Angles.
2. Erect pylon in the center of circle (Infra-point to Meso-point) that characterizes the Zodiacal sign of the Moon (same as Sun). Draw 4 Angles together and to the Meso-point.
3. Set Rose Ankh device to the Ultra-point with an invoking pentagram of spirit feminine in its center, and draws a connecting line down from the empowered Ankh in the Ultrapoint to the Infrapoint through the Mesopoint, so all three points are joined together.
4. Set inner circle - enter and expand to periphery of circle.
5. Declamation of Lunation Mystery or Lunar Mansion - can also use the talismanic device of the Octagram. Invocation of Lunar Goddess aspect can also be performed.
(Elements are invoked via the pentagram device, and the Zodiacal qualities are invoked via the lesser hexagram devices.)

Elemental Magic Working - Grail Mystery Version (there are other versions as well)

Operations to each of the 4 Watchtowers, beginning in the East, proceeding deosil.

• Bows and then salutes
• Intones the Hebrew formula letter, then the associated word
• Draws an invoking pentagram device of the base element of the Elemental
• and projects into it a colored energy associated with the WT
• Draws invoking spiral
• Intones Enochian Spirit name of the Element
• Recites an incantation that invokes one of the four feminine avatars of the Grail, being Nimue (East - Air), Guinevere (South - Fire), Vivione (West - Water) and Morgan Le Fey (North - Earth)

• Perform the same actions in the center of the circle to the Infra-point, except that they are aligned to the Feminine Spirit - Marah Sophia.
• Intone the five formula words and join them - creating the key word for the feminine part of the Grail Cycle.
• Draw the four Watchtowers together into the Infra-point, causing them to fuse.

Operations to the 4 Angles, beginning in the Southeastern Angle, proceeding widdershins.

• Bows and then salutes
• Intones the Hebrew formula letter, then the associated word
• Draws an invoking pentagram device of the qualifying element of the Elemental, and projects into it a colored energy associated with the Angle
• Draws an invoking spiral
• Intones the Enochian Spirit Ruler of the Element
• Recites an incantation that invokes one of the four masculine avatars of the Grail, being Authur-Rex (Southeast - Fire), Ambrosius Merlinius (Northeast - Air), Calixtus Hermiticus (Northwest - Earth) and Lancelot Dulac (Southwest - Water)

• Performs the same actions in the center of the circle to the Ultra-point, except that they are aligned to the Masculine Spirit - Lucis Christos
• Intone the five formula words and join them - creating the key word for the masculine part of the Grail Cycle
• Draw the four Angles together into the Ultra-point, causing them to fuse

Generate the elemental vortex by merging the two polarized vortex structures that are in the Infra-point and the Ultra-point.

Stand in the center of the circle and draw to each of the four Watchtowers the device of the equal-arm cross, performing this in a deocil arc.

• Intone the associated Qabbalistic Name of the Godhead (in Latin)
• Draw an equal-arm cross
• Seal with an invoking spiral
• Intoning one of the four letters of the Grail formula
• Recite an invocation to one of the four Archangels (Raphael - East, Michael - South, Gabriel - West, Uriel - North), drawing an invoking spiral around both devices

Perform these same actions in the center of the circle:
• Intone the Godhead name (Lux Albus Deus - White Light God)
• Daw an equal-arm cross in the Meso-point
• Intone the Grail formula letter and word
• Invoke the Archangel Ratziel - the Archangel of the Grail Mysteries

Final Actions:
• Draw an invoking spiral around the pentagram in the Infra-point, the Ultra-point, and then draw them together through the Meso-point
• Draw all eight of the outer circle nodes together by tracing an inner circle with the tip of the sword Recite the final Grail Formula
• Intones the Enochian Call associated with the Elemental
• Erects staff in center of the circle as super pylon
• Summon Enochian Godname Pair
• Draw Elemental energy through the staff

Talismanic Elemental Working

The Talismanic Elemental Vortex ritual is used to invoke the twenty-eight Enochian Seniors/Kings.

The Talismanic Elemental Vortex ritual is divided into two major parts. The first part establishes the base of the element, and the second invokes the planetary intelligence. These two distinct ritual structures are brought together through the use of a gate trigon, which is generated through the use of the three Gate Keys set to the Western Watchtower and the Northeast and Southeast Angles, thus forming the threshold of the underworld gateway. The joining of the element and the planetary intelligence produces the unified spirit of the Enochian Senior, but the magician is also exposed to the domain of the Senior because of the gate trigon.

The first structure that is required in this working is the generation of the Element Pyramid. The Element Pyramid ritual structure consists of setting a pylon to each of the four Watchtowers and the center of the circle. The pylons, erected in each Watchtower, are joined to the one in the center of the circle, and there is established a pylon vortex structure, also called a Pyramid of Power. Then the magician generates the invoking vortex over the pyramid of power, and establishes within it the inner ring. A Septagramic talisman is set in the center of the circle where it is charged and sealed. The magician then traces the appropriate planetary angle upon the face of the septagram talisman, intones the special Enochian call to summon the Planetary Intelligence and then reads the incantation that presents the magickal qualities and imago of the planetary intelligence. A Western Underworld gateway is then erected to establish the domain and world of the planetary intelligence.

The final part of the ritual is where the magician summons the spirit of the Enochian Senior through the combined forces of the Elemental Pyramid and the invoking vortex imbued with the planetary intelligence. The gateway has caused these two forces to fuse, and at this point in the ritual, they are now a single force. The magician summons the Enochian Senior into this matrix of power and sentience. The focus is the sigil of this spirit, prepared with the magickal signature of the spirit’s name and empowered and blessed with a drop of sacramental wine obtained from a previous mass performed for that purpose. The magician charges the sigil that was placed in the center of the magick circle on the talismanic septagram with a violet energy and an invoking spiral.

Theurgy and Evocation -

The ritual patterns and methodologies for theurgy and evocation as they are practiced in the Order are covered in the next article (which is included with this one). Suffice it to say that these ritual magical workings use the combination of the Elemental Envelope, the Invoking Vortex (with the inner circle set with a Septagram talismanic device), and establishing the Imago of the Spirit through an invocation process that includes invoking all seven of the planetary intelligences, and then performing an underworld gateway and establishing a method of manifestation using the sacrament from a magical Mass. Theurgy uses a ritual pattern called the Quintedecim complex, which is symbolized by the quintedecagon.

Lesser Archeomancy -

I define archeomancy as a magical system that causes the invocation of the source domain of the spirit so invoked. Archeomancy is a word that I define as the combination of the Greek words arche - principle, origin; and manteia - prophetic power. The word archeology is derived from the Greek words archai and logos, which means the study of antiquity or ancient remains, where archai is synonymous with archaic. Archeomancy could also be divination by the use of old statues, but I have chosen this specific meaning for the term - Divination or magic via the source or principal.

Lesser archeomancy is where the theurgic operation is performed within the context of the ten Sephiroth of the Tree of Life and one of the four Qabbalistic Worlds. The Qabbalistic World is invoked through a Pyramid of Power ritual, attuned to specific qualities of that world. The Sephirah is invoked through the artifice of the Eneagram talisman, erected in the center of the circle and overlaid with an invoking vortex. An underworld gateway is used to open one up to the specific inner plane domains defined by the combination of Qabbalistic World and Sephirah, which also happens to be one of the thirty-six decans (ten degree segment) of the Zodiac, and their associated Ruler, the Angel of the Decan. The Angelic Ruler of the Decan also controls the associated quinarians (five degree segments), which in this case would be ruled by the 72 Angels of the Ha-Shemhemphorash, and their demonic counterparts, the 72 demons of the Goetia.

Lesser archeomancy is used to perform inner plane workings as well angelic and demonic evocations.

Other structures -

Cross roads - devices or pylons drawn together crossing the center of the circle (Watchtowers or Angles). This ritual structure establishes a vortex domain, so it is similar to a gateway. Often an implied or realized godhead resides at the place where the cross roads cross.

Hexagramic Gate - Double gateway - both West and East, representing the full cycle of initiation as the Hero’s Journey. Used for initiations and pathworking.

Enagramic Gate - Triple Gateway - West, North and South - representing the powers of creation and death that act as powerful transformation agents in the underworld domain.

Septagonic Vortex - Pylons set to the 4 Watchtowers, drawn together to form a magic cube. Over this is established an invoking vortex. A Western gateway is erected on the cube and invoking vortex, forming an inner trigon. Then all seven points of the magic circle (4 WTs and 3 nodes of the Western Gateway) are drawn together to form the septagonic vortex. This is an elaborate invoking vortex that can used as a simplified system of Theurgy.

Step Pyramid - four interlocking pyramids, one on top of the other, are erected to establish a highly charged and empowered inner domain, especially when a gateway is established at the apex. This ritual structure is used to stack all four of the Qabbalistic Worlds, beginning with Assiah and ending with Atziluth, to establish the greater Qabbalistic domain of the Absolute. I use this ritual structure as the base for the Bornless Rite, which is performed within the inner gateway of this rite.

This concludes my discussion of ritual structures as they are used in the Order, to empower and facilitate advanced magical ritual workings.

Frater Barrabbas Tiresius

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