Sunday, November 15, 2009

Winter 2009 Abramelin Lunar Ordeal Working

I have written up a new version of the Abramelin Ordeal that is based on three half lunar cycles - from new moon, to full, to new and back again to full. The working takes around six weeks to complete, although there may be variations due the cycle of the moon. This particular one that I have planed for the weeks between now and the end of December will take approximately seven weeks to conclude. During that time I will be writing short articles to let you know about the results of these workings, although I will omit any really personal or intimate details, of course.

My purpose for letting people know that I am working this ordeal is to highlight that such a working can be accomplished, that we don’t necessarily need to follow the strictures laid down by the old grimoires. We can use this information, or not. I am certain that some magicians will disqualify what I am doing because I am not performing it as it was written by Abraham the Jew. However, since there are now two versions of this book in print (French and German sources), and two different durations (six months and eighteen months), I believe that using yet another variation will not violate the spirit and the intention of this ordeal. However, I will never claim to have performed the ordeal as it was written, and will clarify this by claiming to have completed the lunar version of the ordeal, which I have derived from the original.

The Ordeal

Since establishing the Abramelin Lunar Ordeal, which is a shortened version of the original ordeal lasting six or seven weeks, I have decided to perform this working myself to verify that it does indeed work as I have speculated that it must. This working combines the Abramelin ordeal with the invocation of the Bornless One, along with ancillary rites, recently culled from the Greek Magical Papyri in Translation (PGM). Included in this paper are the approximate dates and times of the working. This working will officially begin on Monday, November 16, 2009 at 1:14 pm CST (all times are CST).

Special attention should be given to when the moon changes it phases, where possible, the magician should observe these occurrences with special periods of meditation and contemplation, especially the actual advent of the working.

Daily meditations - after waking and before retiring. Evening meditations will include one long session with the Pyradym instrument. Additional meditations are to be performed when the moon changes phases and prior to a working. Ritual workings will be performed each weekend, except the weekend just before the Solstice. Special celebrations should be performed at that event, in addition to the consecration of the magick ring, an important preliminary working to the Bornless One rite series.

During this ordeal, one should perform a partial fasting and avoid meat, especially near the weekend workings. Keep a special journal and note anything of significance that occurs during meditation sessions, Pyradym sessions, dreams, insights, and the occurrences associated with the ritual workings. A final report will be written up, and the working as a whole will be analyzed to determine the efficacy of this ordeal. Times for the various workings should incorporate the most auspicious planetary hours.

Phase I - for four weekends - November 21 through December 13

New Moon - November 16, Monday - Moon in Scorpio - 1:14 pm

First weekend working - November 21 and 22. Invoke the Super-Archangels of Earth. Zahariel - Seraphim of Earth, Yofiel, Cherubim of Earth.

First Quarter - November 24, Tuesday - Moon enters into Pisces - (FQ) 3:39 pm

Second weekend working - November 28 and 29. Invoke the Super-Archangels of Air. Yahoel - Seraphim of Air, Ofaniel - Cherubim of Air.

Full Moon - December 2, Wednesday - Moon is in Gemini - 1:30 am

Third weekend working - December 5 and 6. Invoke the Super-Archangels of Water. Metatron - Seraphim of Water, Kerubiel - Cherubim of Water.

Last Quarter - December 8, Tuesday - Moon is in Virgo - 6:13 pm

Fourth weekend working - December 12 and 13. Invoke the Super-Archangels of Fire. Seraphiel - Seraphim of Fire, Rikbiel, Cherubim of Fire.

New Moon - December 16, Wednesday - Moon enters into Capricorn - (NM) 6:02 am

Phase II - Five Ancillary Workings Including Bornless One Invocation - December 20 - January 30, 2010

Lull weekend - Winter Solstice eve - December 20, Sunday - Bornless One Ring Consecration - Solstice, December 21, Monday - 10:47 am. (Includes dawn working and observation.)

First Quarter - December 24, Thursday - Moon enters into Aries - (FQ) 11:36 am

Sixth weekend working - December 25 and 26. Invoke Element Godhead of Water. Followup, Ogdoadic Godhead Vortex and Triple Tetrahedral Gate Ritual. (Special emphasis for Christmas for this working).

Bornless One Invocation Rite with Assumption Rite - begin with Triple Tetrahedral Gate Ritual on previous evening, December 29, Tuesday, and include all-night vigil. Perform Bornless One Invocation Rite with Assumption on early evening of December 30, Wednesday.

Full Moon - December 31, Thursday - Moon in Capricorn - 1:13 pm. Day of rest, meditation, and Feast of the New Year.

Bornless One Empowering rite - January 9, 2010 - Moon in Scorpio - tenth day after Bornless One Invocation Rite.

Next Full Moon - January 30, Saturday - Moon in Leo - 12:18 am. Bornless One Envisioning rite performed during the following evening.  

Frater Barrabbas


  1. Again, very interesting! You may have covered this previously, but is the goal of your revised Abramelin working the same as the original (i.e., K&C of your HGA)?

  2. You are correct, the ordeal will manifest my HGA as the Bornless One. I have equated the two in one of the earlier blogs on the subject.

  3. Question: What is the purpose behind the ivokation of the elementals?
    e.g: Invoke the Super-Archangels of Earth. Zahariel - Seraphim of Earth, Yofiel, Cherubim of Earth.

    is this to ask for assistance do you have a cpy of the greek text ?

  4. The Super Archangels, the Seraphim and Cherubim, consist of four spirits, being therefore representative of the four archetypal elements analogous to the divine tetrad (YHVH). The purpose of invoking all eight of these great spirits is to obtain their teaching, blessing and powers in preparation for invoking the Godhead of the Element. This is explained in the previous articles on the Abramelin Lunar Ordeal. Once the Godhead Element is invoked, then upon this foundation, I will perform the invocation of the Bornless One.