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Enochian Qabbalah - A New Perspective

Back in 1991, when I went through the ordeal of invoking all of the archangels and the spirits of the Nephilim to find new sources of information about the Enochian system magick, I was given some notes and insights into something that the spirits referred to as Enochian Qabbalah. Only recently have I had the ability to write up these workings in a manner that would allow them to made intelligible to others besides myself. I am now editing and writing up these notes and previously written journals to produce a book containing all of the information that I received. There is quite a bit of information that still needs to be worked out and organized, but the first part of the ordeal has been mostly written up, and is now being edited.

I thought that it would be interesting to share some of this information with my readers. Therefore, I am presenting the results of the invocation of Shemiezez (also known as Shemichaz) and what that spirit presented to me about the Enochian Qabbalah. This is taken from what is called in our Order, Sepher ha-Nephilim (Book of Nephilim).

Notes from the Invocation of Shemiezez

The Invocation of Shemiezez used the Invocation and Evocation techniques as established in the Gate of Revealing and the Treatise on Magickal Evocation. The model for the actual ritual of Invocation was adapted from the invocation of Chiramael. The formulas were built upon the same methodology and some of the components were kept the same. The most important of these were the Astrological correspondences as dictated by the host of the Nephilim within the Enochian Mystery Vortex. I also used this rite as the foundation for the invocation. Therefore, within the Domain of the Nephilim, the Invocation of Shemiezez was accomplished.

The most important part of the performance of the invocation was laying down the Initiation Pattern as indicated in the Gate of Revealing. The Initiation Pattern used in the standard 3rd Degree invocation rite was replaced by a completely new pattern, which represented the Enochian Initiation Cycle. From this pattern the entire Enochian Qabbalah was defined. This is because the Initiation Pattern also reveals the Enochian Tarot and the 22 Paths of the Enochian Tree of Life. What remained were the Enochian names for the 10 Sephiroth (and the 5 hidden Sephiroth of Spiritual Archeomancy) and their associated God-names. All this was subsequently revealed by Shemiezez.

The Invocation was performed in the midst of the Enochian Mystery Vortex, therefore the level of intensity far outstripped any previous invocation. Throughout the ritual and even after, there were no visions or visual stimuli. I received a very clear verbal communication that I was able to converse with through my mind. However, much of that communication was not vocalized in my head, it was instead absorbed through the experience and began to surface in subsequent days. I also experienced a period of blankness, where I remember nothing that happened, so I am unable to discern all that transpired in the working. It was, without a doubt, the most momentous occasion that I have ever experienced to date, and it has profoundly influenced me. However, Shemiezez did not completely reveal all of his mysteries to me, so I can only surmise that there was some reticence in his nature about being too revealing. In fact, there is an aura of mystery that seems to pervade the personality of this Great Magician of the Nephilim.

The Mysteries of Spiritual Archeomancy

The Enochian Qabbalah is about mystical topology, therefore it is the topology of the Tree of Life. An operational definition of a Sephirah is that it represents a nexus of pathways, it is a point where two or more paths cross. Therefore, by adding up all of these nexus points, there are a total of 15 Sephiroth within the Enochian Tree of Life. In addition to the 10 original Sephiroth and the hidden Sephirah of Da’ath, there are four more Sephiroth that have been identified. All the new Sephiroth are located above the seven lower planetary sephiroth except for one, which is between Tiphareth and Yesod. All of these additional Sephiroth, including Da’ath, represent points of transference between the Sephirotic and Qliphotic worlds.

Because there are additional Sephiroth, there are additional pathways. A pathway is defined as a vector that connects no more than two Sephiroth together. In this fashion there are a total of 32 pathways. It is no coincidence that the Qabbalah talks of 32 pathways, but describes them as consisting of 22 Letters and 10 Numbers. It will now be shown that there are actually 32 pathways. However one wishes to describe them, it cannot in any manner invalidate the fact that there are indeed 32 pathways, if one uses the above definition. This is because the normal set of 22 pathways includes the 32 pathways, since the new Sephiroth cause these pathways to be broken up.

Although the Enochian script that was produced by Dee has only twenty-one letters, it would seem to make for an awkward attempt to somehow force these letters to become equivalent to the Hebrew alphabet. However, when I was given a copy of the Alexandrian Book of Shadows to copy, as all initiated witches were expected to do, I found stuck right in the middle of the book was a list of Enochian letters with a note indicating that there were actually twenty-two letters, and that they corresponded directly with the Hebrew Alphabet. That was certainly an odd entry to be found in a Book of Shadows. Even more peculiar was the fact that the Enochian letter Veh, usually denoting either “C” or “K” was actually divided into two letters in this entry, thus making twenty-two letters. Of course, the Enochian names of the letters, their alphabetic equivalence is nothing at all like Hebrew, in fact in order to make the comparison one would have to create a table of equivalence and use it to decipher all of the spelling of Enochian words so that it conformed to a Hebew-like structure. However, since the Enochian Qabbalah appears to also have twenty-two letters, then this decipherment, if required, would have to be done at some point. 

The structure of the Tree of Life is determined by analyzing its linear structure or latices of line, where the pathways are examined but the Sephiroth are temporarily omitted. This method of analyzing the Tree of Life will reveal the truth about the number of paths as well as reveal something of its inner structure. The components of this skeleton Tree of Life (minus the Sephiroth) consists of the pathways (some of which are broken by intersecting paths and nexus points where the Sephiroth would reside) and the angular vectors determining the shapes of the 18 internal Dimensions. All of these Dimensions are triangles except for two that reside just above the Abyss, these happen to be trapezoid. All of these parts have a significance and important meaning in the Enochian Qabbalah. Even the vector angles have an important role, since there are exactly 56 of them - an auspicious number, as we shall see.

While it is known that there are at least 30 Aethyrs as reported by Dee, and many magicians have performed workings to contact these entities, usually in some kind of skrying session, attempts to determine the nature of these entities and to place them on the Tree of Life or in some kind of structure has failed. Even Dee’s attempts at this have failed. Perhaps the reason is that the total number of Aethyrs has been greater than what has been reported. This is what  Shemiezez had revealed to me. The vector angle on the latice of the Tree of Life is the entity known as the Aethyr, and there are 56 of them instead of 30. That would mean that there are 26 Aethyrs who reside above the Abyss and are presently unknown. The Aethyrs are therefore, divided into two groups, one residing as a lesser arcana and the newly revealed Aethyrs are of the greater arcana. The qualities of the Aethyrs are determined by analyzing the combined significance of the two Pathways and one Sephirah where each vector resides. So the qualities of the Aethyr are represented by merging the pathways and their associated Sephirah into a single concept that represents the force (motive) of the vector emanating from the Sephirah.

The final, and perhaps most important aspect of the Enochian Qabbalah consists of the 18 triangular spaces whose outlines are defined by the lattice structure of the Tree of Life. These shapes are called the domains or Dimensions of the manifested Qabbalah, and until recently they were both undefined and mysterious. The Dimension are, of course, defined by the combination of pathways, Sephiroth, and vectors (Aethyrs). Through the definition and merging of these components one may also unlock and magickally experience the mysterious substance of the Qabbalah. These Dimensions have been revealed as the most powerful and influential of all the Qabbalistic facets. They are the principal structures within Enochian Qabbalah and Enochian magick. These structures have never been operationally defined, but because the Enochian Qabbalah has now been revealed, it only remains for one to derive the rest of the components. However, I now believe that during the evening of the Invocation of Shemiezez, I have received the complete Enochian Qabbalah, and it only awaits the proper time to be fully revealed.

In addition to the above, I have also received the outlines and patterns for the technique of Spiritual Archeomancy, the method of Enochian Pathworking and the Ritual for Self Initiation for the Magickal Mysteries of the Chenokim. I will seek over the course of the next few years to write these rituals and document them. This lore will represent the Teachings of Shemiezez and be part of the Second Book in the Sepher ha-Nephilim (The Book of the Nephilim).

Ritual Comments

The Working was begun at 9:16 PM with the consecration of the circle during the planetary hour of the Sun, thus locking it for the duration, on the Day of Sol, the 17th of February, 1991. Luna was in the sign of Aries and one day following the New Moon, therefore the Moon was waxing. The only significant aspect was the sextile between the Moon and Mars (denoting the focusing of emotional energies, giving them greater force), which occurred during the Hour of Mars, just before the hour in which the rite was begun. The working ended at 12:34 AM EST.

Frater Barrabbas

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