Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Twenty-Two Pathways of the Qabbalah - Spiritual Transformation - Pt. 4

Sorry - this blog article was removed pending the publication of “Magical Qabalah for Beginners” published by Llewellyn Worldwide - you can find this material in that book, published on January, 2013.



  1. I find this post most fascinating and enlightening, especially in regards to crossed paths, implied cross paths, and the hidden sephirah of all the crossed paths. While reading your post, I found myself identifying with much of what you've discussed regarding these crossed paths. I look forward to reading future posts regarding your Enochian Qabbalah (the hidden sephirah) a great deal. (Edited for silly grammar errors.)

  2. Thank you Rose, although the Enochian Qabbalah is still very much a system that's just on paper and hasn't been completely worked out. I don't know when it will be written up, but perhaps some parts of it can be written and posted in the future.

  3. You could also check out the article from a previous post here - http://fraterbarrabbas.blogspot.com/2010/05/enochian-qabbalah-new-perspective.html

  4. Thank you Frater Barrabbas. I did find that article yesterday and read through it. I've been studying and working with the Tree of Life for a number of years, as well as Tarot, and though I've studied Enochian Magick and the 30 Aethyrs, I've not yet worked with it. However, I do recall a discussion (although not with whom) regarding 32 vs. 22 pathways on the Tree of Life. I wish I could recall more of this discussion and their theory regarding 32 v 22.

    Your discussion of Enochian Qabbalah is the first time I've heard the theory of 56 Aethyrs. However, in light of the nature of the Tree of Life (which I believe governs man and virtually all with which we work and all which surrounds us), the hidden paths, cross paths, and sephirah within it (which really is no surprise to me), the idea of additional Aethyrs within the area of the Supernals, yet undiscovered, I find quite intriguing.

    Enochian isn't something on which I've focused since I'm attempting not to spread myself to thin, but I may need to incorporate it into my studies.