Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mid Year and Things are Beginning to Stir

This article is about the continuing saga of the Abramelin Lunar Ordeal and its overall effects on me as I progress through that spiritual and magickal process. As time passes on, I am more certain than ever that what I did last year was probably the most important magickal working that I have ever done. Yet still more has yet to manifest - of this I am certain.

The date July 5th passed without much fanfare, although I had felt that passage as an internal shift in my own spiritual process. Why is that date important to me? It’s the six month point in my personal cycle of the Greater Wheel of Fortune. For me, the second half of the year (starting on July 5) is where most of the action occurs. The first six months is where my life process undergoes a high degree of reflection, internal soul searching, the genesis of new prospects and possibilities, and the sorting out of expired opportunities, fruitless pursuits and dead-end pathways. So one would expect that during the six months since January, I would have begun to determine my spiritual path in a much more clarified manner due to the Abramelin working that was established in December. That assumption has been shown to be startlingly correct.

Many things have occurred over the last seven months since I completed the first phase of the Abramelin Lunar Ordeal, which was the larger part of that working. There are still a few other rituals that need to be done in order for the entire process to be completed. However, much has transpired during that interval, including potential prospects that may allow me to complete my spiritual and magickal journey and achieve a state of complete enlightenment. I feel quite buoyant and highly optimistic about the future now that events have overtaken me and are pointing the way forward in completely new directions.

It has been quite evident to me that even with all of the inspired information and insights that I have gained, not to mention breakthroughs for someone who is following this path while not being a member of any formal organization, whether of the OTO, the Golden Dawn or any other magickal order or lodge, that I will soon achieve the very limit of what I can accomplish on my own. While not belonging to an organization has freed me to investigate and experiment in any manner that I feel inspired to pursue, it has also isolated me and kept me from obtaining any kind of valuable peer review, not to mention important teachings necessary to obtain the highest levels that can be achieved. In word, within a few years, I would probably run out of new ideas and find myself at a dead-end unless something happens to change my current spiritual and magickal equation.

That something has happened to me recently, opening up a whole new vista of possibilities. In fact a series of events have happened to me over the past few months that may change the entire course of my studies and my magickal practice. It may sound rather dramatic, and it is, but the changes are subtle. They still will require me to take the initiative, so I will be making some important and profound decisions and transitions in the near future.

Would these changes have occurred if I hadn’t written up and performed my Abramelin Lunar Ordeal? Maybe, or maybe not. My intuition tells me that much of what has happened to me is due to what I did back in November and December of last year. All of the massive potential that I am now poised to realize was made possible by that work. It tested and challenged me in ways that I couldn’t begin to discuss or make any rational sense out of to outsiders. It also made me worthy of what I may yet receive, and for this I am both grateful and humbly receptive to all that will befall me. Life seems to be almost charmed, since every endeavor that happens to me lately seems to further my spiritual and magickal quest. Even the nearly moribund Order has shown signs of being regenerated, since a few individuals have been reaching out to me so that they might be able to receive and work with the magickal system that has so empowered and impacted me over the years. A new temple is being chartered and starting up in southeastern Massachusetts, and the old original temple in Kansas City is being reconstituted with some old members and some new.

Perhaps the most profound thing that has happened to me lately has the potential to lead me to the uncharted areas that are not documented in any books and are even beyond the scope of my internal spiritual contacts. I can’t talk directly about this potential, or even to name any names as of yet, since I am still examining what it all means, and I am obligated to protect the identities of those who might give me future direction. Suffice it to say that I have a group of individuals who are working within what might be called the Third Order, or those initiatory grades that are above the Greater Abyss on the Tree of Life. If everything turns out as I am assuming it will, then the pathways that are far beyond the level of adept that I currently possess will be revealed to me, both through my efforts and through teachings that would otherwise not be available to me.

Does this sound suitably vague, mysterious and compelling? I regret that I can’t at this time be more forthcoming with what I have discovered, the individuals who I have recently met and the potential that they may graciously offer me. However, I will certainly at some point in time be completely forthcoming in order to help propagate this arising organization and the nearly peerless high adepts who run it. I look forward to all of this becoming revealed, not only for myself, but for those who might also greatly profit from learning about the final steps to complete and total spiritual mastery. I will have to distill this knowledge and these practices through my own spiritual and magickal processes. Only then will I be able to make this knowledge available to others through my personal teachings and initiations - the only way to acquire and obtain this greater wisdom. Yet even as I would travel on that lofty path, I would always acknowledge the sources of that wisdom I have gained, and lionize the individuals who made it all possible.

The Full Moon arrives this Sunday, bringing with it the greater power of the ascending cycle of my personal Greater Wheel of Fortune. I felt the shift and the building of powers during the last full moon, so this time I will experience an even greater profound awakening and the beginning of a yet greater revelation. I will certainly report anything that happens which is not too personal (therefore obscure) and yet relevant to this continuing, ongoing and waxing process.   

For now, though, I am deeply grateful to the blessed HGA who has made these awesome connections possible and who has been the greatest spiritual and magickal advocate that I have ever experienced. May we all be blessed with the greater knowledge and wisdom of the Western Mystery Tradition in the present and the future.

Frater Barrabbas

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