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Invoking One of the 49 Bonarum

I have decided to occasionally post some of my past magickal experiences as written up in my electronic journal. So from time to time, I will edit and post one of these journal entries to share with my readers. Hopefully, these experiences will demonstrate what a real magickal working is like from the standpoint of the magician.

Back in the autumn of 1991, while I was living in Tallahassee, Florida, I performed a series of workings that invoked seven of the 49 Enochian Spirits called the Bonarum. I have classified these spirits as binary-planetary intelligences because they consist of two planetary intelligences fused together into a bypolar unified conscious entity. A binary planetary intelligence is extremely useful for any kind of magick ordeal since it has the ability to powerfully resonate with the psyche of the practitioner, causing him or her to experience a powerful cathartic clarification. These spirits also make very potent talismanic generators, so they can be used in that manner as well.

This working was part of an eight part working that invoked seven of these spirits and Camara during an intensive eight week period. I invoked one of these spirits during the weekend for nearly a two month period. Needless to say, the results were spectacular and through them I gained a lot of additional previously unknown Enochian magickal material. The full set of journal entries and other lore will encompass the second volume of the Book of the Nephilim.

Keep in mind that I am still editing and refining these journal entries, so what I am posting here is something of a rough draft. I am doing this so you can get a very good idea about the actual raw experience, unadulterated by later edits and verbal refinements.

Here are the notes from the fourth invocation in that series.

Notes from the Invocation of Beta-Nuaspeol

The invocation of Nuaspeol represented the fourth in the series of Binary Planetary Invocations. This working had all the intensity of the first, but none of the angst or psychological distress. An archetypal entity appeared yet remained obscure and nameless, its message was of greater importance than the strength of its appearance. This work consisted of the joining the planetary intelligence of Mercury to itself, so the doubling of the Mercurial energies might have caused the working to be very intense, perhaps even scattered and and disordered, as Mercury can sometimes be. However, the outcome of the working, which was generated from the the Zodiacal sign of Gemini, was neither overly verbal or high strung in its expression. In fact, the manifestation seemed very dark, bringing out the characteristics of Mercury as Psycho-pompos, the Guide of the Dead and Judge of the wicked. True to its reputation, though, this Binary Intelligence produced a great deal of information of a technical and highly occult quality. However, that information was imparted only after the invocation and its associated manifestation.

As with previous workings of this sort, the forces generated from this working were experienced prior to its actual performance, once again producing a quality of clairvoyance in the rite. The phenomenon occurred in the magickal bath, where I experienced a profound awareness that one of my female occult friends had embarked upon a path of darkness. I still loved this spiritual sister, so the awareness of this fact was quite surprising. This occurrence established that evening's fundamental issue, which is the judgement of light and darkness upon all those who travel the initiatory pathways of the adept. Unfortunately, my initial prejudice would cause me to condemn my sister's deviation from the path as negative, perhaps even as a manifestation of true evil. I prayed for her, knowing that as she both loved and maintained a personal bond with the Great Goddess, she would be saved from all harm by the power of that Deity. Yet I felt very uneasy, even afraid for her because of the change in her path, and because of the fact that I still felt very connected to her. It even caused me to question my own integrity and direction. However, what I discovered through all of this was that to judge another too quickly and harshly might well be highly prejudiced, and therefore, unwarranted. I found that I lacked a critical understanding of the darker aspects of occultism; even though some might very well judge my beliefs and practices to be dark or even evil.

These thoughts and feelings fought within my mind and emotions, and I had not even begun the invocation yet. I was still taking my magickal bath! Yet the theme was established, so what I experienced was very auspicious.

The archetypal image of Nuasapeol quickly manifested once I completed the invocation ritual, and it seemed that its spirit had already been silently present, just waiting for me to complete the process of manifestation. It appeared as a brooding shadow, a nameless darkness that was heavy with foreboding, but confident in its bearing. I realized that it appeared to act much like my own psychic shadow, but more evolved. I heard a voice speak, or rather, whisper, and I noted down what it said as it spoke. This is what it said to me.

The Power of Absolute Truth

If thou art quick and nimble, the fire will not hurt thee! So too shall the truth not hurt thee if thou dost desire to know, even for the sake of knowing.

[The Spirit was referring to an incident that occurred during the consecration of the magick circle, where I managed to dump the contents of the thurible on the carpet. A very hot glowing chunk of charcoal began to burn my rug, but I nimbly picked it up and put it back in the thurible, and then put out any residual sparks on the carpet with my hands. In all, I received not one burn, nor did the burning charcoal feel hot in my hands. Yet I held the charcoal in my fingers for nearly 3 seconds.]

Truth, truth, truth; the three-fold Truth shall baptize you in the Fire of Absolute Purification. If you are not in error, you shall not be burned, and the revelation shall not cause you pain. Thus, then, know the truth, especially the truth that lieth in your fiery heart; for that is where mortals are usually burned most terribly. These symbols, which I reveal to you, shall unlock this mystery; but they themselves are a mystery. I reveal them, but you must discover their true meaning.

You are the archetypal teacher. You have accepted this role and perform it well, inspiring others to spiritually grow and evolve. But you must become more attentive and self aware. Listen and perceive the truth in each person who comes to you seeking knowledge. Be still and come to know their soul, for their words and deeds shall assist you and whisper this knowledge to you, if you have the ability to be inwardly still and to carefully listen to others.

You should summon your Higher Self to witness a person's true will, but summon inwardly and without prejudice, then meditate in perfect receptivity. By invoking my spirit again, I shall give you the power and knowledge to communicate your true desire. Recall the ritual of the Power of Petition, and the Volition of Acquisition; one cannot find fulfillment without both, and Mercury doubled is the Key. You must be a diplomat and also a thief. If you do not seek as a strategy, then you shall not find your heart’s desire. Through this methodology you will discover the ultimate magick through seeking, finding and becoming one with the sexual sacrament in the bliss of fulfillment. This is the Food of the Gods, and as they are fed by the multitudes, so shall you be fed if you can but receive their bounty. Thus, you must ask in order to receive, and having requested your heart’s desire from the cosmos, so you shall find it. In this there is no blame, since moving in this manner you will emulate all of life.

The Philosophy of Darkness

Now I must move into the darkness to speak to you of words that are heavy with truth and knowledge; for we must always tread the dark twisted pathways of our great dark selves in order to be redeemed.

In the reality of darkness one must always be the illuminating light. This is the only law which you must follow. Even to travel the deepest and darkest paths one may be whole and yet also good as long as the secret light guides one’s steps.

The image I present to you is like the Hermit who guides the way through labyrinthine pathways, which are like the endless coils of the cosmic serpent. This lantern shines with the light of love and compassion, thus illuminating all the dim corridors of mystery and dispelling the fear of the unknown. You are a keeper of the dark-wisdom and, therefore, you must ensure that the guiding light is always lit. Remember that the obscuring darkness is a relative quality. As you have judged others as dark, so I judge you now as being such (and all of your kind as well). Be not surprised of this fact, for a wielder of the Dark Wisdom is both rare and honorable. This is a strange mystery, but you must keep the guiding lantern always burning.

In the image of the Hermit, the flame of the lantern consists of the two triangles forming a beautiful hexagram through their union,. These triangles are known as Love and Compassion, and they are the triangles of spiritual love entwined.  The triangle of Love is the realization that all beings are connected through the union withthe Absolute Spirit.  Therefore, being self-aware, in its truest meaning, is to know the love that unites everything into a singular unity; to know this love is to become one with it!

And the triangle of Compassion is the desire and the motivation to give that which shall cause the greatest good for another, knowing that such a gift will be a reflection on one’s self; through the unity of all being. This gift of goodness is given freely without any expectation of return, since it is really the greater good of all. It symbolizes a form of self-sacrifice, spiritual service and ultimately becomes the agency of ascendency.

These two triangles joined together to form the blessed Hexagram represents the synergy of these two ethical realizations based upon spiritual love. This is because love is the Star of the Light of the Spirit that illuminates the seeker upon the dark pathways. The maintenance of this flame, which is practiced as a discipline of the heart of the adept, ensures that he or she is always balanced, ethical and mature in the execution of spiritual works. This is the established discipline of the High Adept.

The light of the lamp shines out to those seekers who are prepared to open and commit themselves to the Light of the Higher Adepti. Those who are thus opened become themselves the light. In this manner, the initiation and recognition of the Avatar of Light (the Ultimate Source) begins the revelation of the higher degrees, and so the initiate steps into the worlds of spirit and the Inner Planes.

The Hermit also holds the light aloft from a distance, and from a distance it is perceived as an illuminating Watchtower (the Watchtower of the Spirit), whose shining light drives away the darkness and defends the pathways of the Mysteries. It also acts as beacon, showing the way to those seekers who are lost.

If the light goes out by negligence or even by mistake, then the bearer of that lamp becomes a creature of the darkness if that lamp can’t be relit. So if the light is not relight, since it is always easy to do so at first, then progressively, over time, one shall loose the precious alignment to the Higher Self, and thus, to the Godhead. A child of the spiritual darkness, as he or she has become, will also lose possession of his or her soul, becoming a container of empty and powerful hungers that grow more negative and self destructive as time progresses.

Only the light of truth can save a child of the spiritual darkness. Yet by this time, the darkness shall cause that one to lust for illusions and be filled with the corruption of personal power, which is also an illusion. As long as a child of the spiritual darkness is so deluded, then shall the pain of the revelation of truth become ever greater, and the desire for illusion correspondingly greater. However, the simple revelation of the light of truth can light again the lantern of wisdom, but it must be applied directly to the illusion of self-hood, the petty ego. This illusion must die in order for the self to live. Yet denial becomes to power that maintains the inner darkness, causing one to revel in blindness and ignorance.

Those who learn to delight in the darkness, who experience ecstasy in its illusions of power, and particularly those who enjoy harming others, they will transform themselves from a mere child of spiritual darkness to a truly evil spirit made flesh. Thus, they will embody the darkness and ignorance of the Archons, like the great devil Choronzon, and become trapped in the world of the flesh (Assiah), soul-less, spiritually dead, and without the hope of redemption. Eventually, even their spirit decomposes and eternally dies, giving birth to new forms from the corruption of their demise. Then, in its elemental constituents, the fragments may be used in the formation of a new spiritual being - a promise of hope and ascension renewed.

It is now necessary to continue revealing the lore of the Enochian Qabbalah. Know that the Enochian Tree of Life has 32 paths, 10 more that the Hebrew Tree of Life. The 10 additional paths are represented by the traditional Arabic numerals 0 through 9. The 10 numbers represent how the 10 Sephiroth are experienced by the individual seeker within the cycle of initiation. Keep in mind that  the five additional Sephiroth of the Enochian Tree of Life are hidden and unknown to the individual. The 32 paths, the 15 Sephiroth, and the hidden Angles (Aethyrs) are the building blocks that define the 18 dimensions of the Spiritual Qabbalah, which is the ultimate state of the Inner Planes. Your task is to enter into the dimensions and unlock their secrets.

These are the parts of the magick lore that you must devise and use to bind together the foundations of the Enochian System of Magick. There is first part that is the Alphabet of Desire of the 16 Elementals. These must be revealed to your associates, and the spiritual genius of magick shall assist you. Then there are the Seven Rays (with their symbolic alphabet, and this you already have), which represent the waves of the consciousness of being. Next in this lore are the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet and the 10 numerals of the Arabs. These are the 32 trumps of the Enochian Tarot that assists the adept in crossing the Greater Abyss. I will presently reveal to you the whole of the structure of the Enochian Tree of Life, including the definitions of the new Sephiroth and Paths.

[I then received and diagramed the entire Tree as revealed by the Binary-Planetary Spirit. This material is included in a document devoted to this subject.]

Ritual Comments

The working was started at 7:50 PM EST. with the consecration of the circle that locked the Planetary hour of Mercury on the 23rd day of November, 1991. The Moon was in the sign of Gemini, and it was void course and two days from being Full, so it was waxing. The Moon entered the sign of Cancer at 8:15 PM, but the circle consecration rite locked the corresponding astrological aspects of the previous hour, so it only  had a potential impact. No other aspects occurred during the ritual. The working ended at 11:00 PM.  Continuous manifestations occurred throughout the week, especially the revelation of the Enochian Tree of Life, which occurred 3 days after the invocation.

Frater Barrabbas

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