Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Lammas Milestone - A New Temple

On August 1, 2010, a new temple of the Order of the Gnostic Star was duly chartered and established by a group of five individuals, which is the required minimum quorum. The new temple is officially known as the Binah-Ge Temple #2, which resides in the southeastern corner of Massachusetts. I am not only quite happy and proud that I can make this announcement, but it also brings up a couple of important points that I would like to discuss here. Anyway, let us all congratulate this group and the inauguration of their new temple! A great spiritual and magickal adventure awaits them. Soon they will be experiencing many amazing new things, since in addition to receiving a charter, they also got the Order’s first three years worth of ritual lore. Once they get through all of that, then more lore will be forthcoming. It will lead them from the first degree all the way through the seventh, all of which has been completely written and vetted over the last twenty years. I suspect that it will take them a number of years to master all of this lore, and while they are learning, they will be building up their own individual as well as collective magickal systems. I envy the wondrous visions and discoveries that await them, since that is what I and other members experienced many years ago.

The important points that I want to bring up at this time is that the Order of Gnostic Star is an active order with a complete set of magickal lore. That lore is available to groups who have the required minimum number of five members. I have made this statement before, but around a month ago, a group actually did contact me and requested to receive a charter for establishing a new temple. I have received these requests before, but usually after I point out the basic requirements as written in the Bylaws, potential members get cold feet and don’t bother to continue to correspond with me. This time the group spokesperson had not only read the Bylaws, but informed me that his group met the basic requirements. Those requirements are pretty basic, and they are easy to verify as well - even at long distances. They had five members who had been practicing ritual magick for at least a year together. They also had the requisite collective temple space. Over the period of couple of weeks, I got separate emails from each prospective member of the temple and even talked to their spokesperson on the phone a few times. I was convinced that they had met the requirements, so there wasn’t anything further to do other than issue them a charter.

Amazingly, I didn’t even have a template for a charter, since there wasn’t much need to produce one over all these years since the last temple folded. I consulted a facsimile of the old charter for the Isis-Sophia temple #1, but that didn’t prove to be useful either. So I used my imagination and inspiration and put one together, based on what I knew had been done in the past. The final result was quite impressive and looked very official, if I do say so myself. Now if anyone else asks me to present them with a temple charter, I will have one ready to go.

This, of course, brings me to my next important point. The Order of the Gnostic Star has become reconstituted! There are now at least two temples in formation. The first and the original mother temple, Isis-Sophia, is being reassembled with a combination of old members and new. A quorum of three elders is now fully established, ready to engage the public through the edifice of the greater Order. However, there is no grand lodge and there is no overriding hierarchy, only individual and fully autonomous temples. What this means is that we can now guide and help any small group of individuals to form their own temple, provided they meet the requirements. It also means that once a temple is chartered, it becomes fully autonomous. No one who is not a member of that temple may make any group based determinations. A group can ask for advice or guidance, but all decisions are theirs alone to make. In addition, all internal group decisions must be determined by consensus. That group dynamic ensures that the elders will never be able to dictate policy to any temple, so a decision to give a charter to a temple is serious business. A charter thus will be duly given once a proper group is validated. Included with a charter is the lore, which is the first three years of rituals and documents. These will be delivered on electronic media for the group to learn, master and use to forge their own systems of magick. All of this is done at absolutely no cost to the group who petitions the Order. Our generosity has an important cause in the greater scheme of things. We expect the new group to show generosity and openness in its turn. So there aren’t any hidden costs, strings, obligations or any additional requirements or expectations in this offer. It is given freely and openly to the greater occult community. As far as I am aware, there isn’t any other magickal Order that runs its business in this fashion - at least none that I have ever heard of.

The members of the Binah-Ge temple are a collective of witches and pagans from various source organizations. They have done their time in groves, covens and community based organizations, and they know the basic elements of ritual and ceremonial magick. They are a fairly experienced group of individuals, and I am very pleased to have made their acquaintance. I am also happy to have been of service to them, assisting them in finding the lore and the pathway to a full mastery of the Art of Ritual Magick. I am still traveling that path myself, and I have n’t finished it, so like them, we are travelers on the same basic path - the Western Mystery Tradition. I believe that in the years to come they will contribute some astounding new lore, discoveries and new techniques in ritual magick. They may come up with some really cool themes for their liturgical practices and seasonal rites, and I hope that they share some of these new directions with me and other members of this magickal family. Time will inform me whether or not I have made a wise choice in giving magickal lore to this group. I suspect that it was a wise choice. 

So, here we are, my fellow readers of this blog, ready to broach the final four questions. Are you interested in such an organization as the Order of the Gnostic Star? Do you have a group of at least four other individuals besides yourself that you can assemble to work rituals and ceremonies on a periodic basis? Do you have a room or space that can be dedicated to this work? Are you presently involved in witchcraft or paganism? If you answered yes to all four of these questions and want to engage in some cutting edge ritual magickal lore, then drop me an email and let me know. I will happily engage all serious inquiries. You can email me through this blog.

Your humble servant -

Frater Barrabbas

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