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Forty Qualified Powers

Since we have covered the utility and methodology of the ritual of the Pyramid of Power, I felt that it would be necessary to examine the target force of that ritual, which are the Forty Qualified Powers. The source of this article was taken from my book, “Mastering the Art of Ritual Magick - Grimoire,” chapter 8. The Qualified Powers are extremely useful to the practicing ritual magick, as an examination of this article will no doubt show. I would like to remind my readers that a more thorough and contextual analysis of this material will be found in all three books of the “Mastering the Art of Ritual Magick” series - so consider this a recommendation.

The forty Qualified Powers are magickal energies that are generated by the Pyramid of Power ritual. The easiest way to imagine one of these energies is to compare it to one of the 40 Tarot cards of the Lesser Arcana.

A Qualified Power is a force that is a combination of two qualities – one that is the foundation or base and the other that is the activator. In this case, the foundation is one of the four Elements, and the activator is one of the ten Attributes of the Deity. The same combination of qualities is found in the Lesser Arcana of the Tarot. The ten Attributes of Deity are conceptualized as the ten archetypal godheads, representing the ten incremental levels of the conscious creation of the universe.

The forty Qualified Powers consist of the combination of one of the ten Attributes of the Deity with one of the four Elements. The generation of a force (Element) is combined and qualified with a symbol of godhead (Attribute of Deity) within the imagination of the magician. It is expressed as the visualization of an empowered dynamic godhead acting through the magician’s will. When it is generated, the Qualified Power acts as a living spiritual force, symbolically aligned to the godhead within the magician.

Once the Qualified Power is generated, then it needs to be imprinted with the magician’s desire and objective. This process is aided through the use of a sigil, which serves as the symbolic link between the magickal power and the magician’s objective. The imprinted energy is then released and sent to its target, where it affects the potential outcome. However, this article is concerned primarily with the nature and definition of the Qualified Powers and how they can be utilized by the magician.

A Qualified Power is not just a magickal power, it can also be defined as a domain, a location within the mystical worlds of the inner planes. This is because the four Elements, which act as the base, can also be perceived as one of the four Qabbalistic worlds of Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah. So, the forty domains of this spiritual world are represented by the correspondence of an Attribute of the Deity (Godhead) combined with one of the Four Qabbalistic Worlds.

Each domain contains various spirits and entities, angels, demons, godheads, mythic themes and spiritual powers. An excellent example of this composition may be found in the depictions of the Lesser Arcana in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, where each Naib card shows an allegorical theme with underlying spiritual forces and intelligences.

Another way of looking at these domains is to examine the spiritual occupants of the four Qabbalistic worlds.

Atziluth - variations of the Godhead
Briah -  Stellar Beings (Archangels or Mythic Deities)
Yetzirah - Spiritual Beings (Angels, Demons, Demigods, Heroes, etc.)
Assiah - Physical Beings (Human Ancestors, Mythic Beasts, animal totems or body chakras).

The four Elements and the four Worlds can also be represented by the four Suits in the Tarot:

Atziluth - Wands (Fire - Knowledge)
Briah - Cups (Water- Emotions),
Yetzirah - Swords (Air - Actions)
Assiah - Pentacles (Earth, Fortune). 

The four Suits act as a symbolic analogue for both the four levels of consciousness and the four Elements. Therefore, the Elements have four qualities in the manifestation of conscious reality that are Knowledge, Emotions, Action and Fortune.

Having covered the characteristics and qualities of the four Elements, we need to define the ten Attributes of the Deity in order to fully comprehend the nature of the Qualified Power.

Attributes of Deity are characterized by emanations of spiritual, mental and physical creation. They are a model of how the (spiritual) universe was created and formed, beginning with the most abstract and ending with the most dense material qualities.

The most abstract quality is perfect union – where everything is spiritually one and indivisible. The densest quality is the material universe itself. Attributes of Deity trace an evolving course from spiritual union to the multiplicity of material things, as well as everything in between.

The ten Attributes of Deity can also be directly related to the ten Sephiroth of the Qabbalah, since these are also characterized as a kind of involution of spirit into matter. The ten Sephiroth form the Tree of Life, a powerful model that has many applications. It can represent simultaneously the nature of the Deity, the nature of an individual human being, the mechanism of divine creation, and the technique of individual spiritual ascension.

The structure of the ten Sephiroth as depicted in the Tree of Life represents a duality of masculine and feminine archetypes. These pairs of archetypes are joined to create a third archetype which is neutral. The masculine, feminine and neutral archetypes form three triangles of Spirit, Mind and Soul (Emotions). The tenth Sephirah symbolizes the earth, the densest plane, which is base or root of the Tree of Life.

Ten Sephiroth as employed in the three trinary structures of Spirit, Mind and Emotions, and the fourth (Malkuth) as the Body, characterize specific qualities within these fourfold dimensions of being.

The triangle of Spirit contains the three qualities of Union (Kether), Wisdom (Chokmah) and Understanding (Binah). The three Sephiroth form a triangle with a point facing up, symbolizing the ascendant nature of what is called “the supernal triad.” The highest expression is union, and branching down from it is wisdom and understanding, both aspects and expressions of the monad. 

The triangle of Mind contains the qualities of Compassion (Chesed), Judgment (Geburah) and Identity (Tiphareth). This triangle has its point facing down, focusing on the manifestation of the godhead as the Universal Mind. Identity is the combination of Compassion and Judgment, and so it is positioned below them both, branching down and forming the point of the descending triangle. Identity is the mediator of the forces of mercy and severity, compassion and fate. Within the Deity it is the human face of the messiah or avatar, within a human being it is the higher self – the spiritualized ego, or true self.

The triangle of Emotions contains Love (Netzach), Knowledge (Hod) and Dreams (Yesod). This triangle also has its point facing down, signifying that the process of involution continues with the manifestation of the first structures and forms. The triangle of Emotions symbolizes the powers and forces of the Deity as it seeks to express itself in matter. The descending point of the triangle is expressed as the coalescence of spirit into form, and the formulation of laws and restrictions. As a model of the emotional nature of a human being, it is the integration of desires (Love), experiences (Knowledge) and fantasy (Dreams) that qualify the inner world of the self.

Fusion of these three triangles of Spirit, Mind and Emotions produces the emanation of matter (Malkuth) and the manifestation of living beings. In this manner, Spirit, Mind and Emotions dwell in the Body, and beings imbued with sensation, sentience and spiritual awareness are so created. Through this unified field of essence, of thought, feeling and life, we seek to grasp the wonders of our world.

To Recap: Qualified Powers symbolize the combination of an Element and one of the ten Attributes of the Deity. Since we have covered these two categories of symbolic characteristics, it is possible to examine and define them.

Table of Correspondences

This section contains the table correspondences that list each of the forty Qualified Powers, comparatively arranged to the 40 Lesser Arcana of the Tarot. This table is organized into a matrix of key words that characterize the specific qualities of each of the powers. There are also definitions representing the combination of a Sephirah and a Qabbalistic World, symbolized by one of the Four Elements and one of the ten Attributes of the Deity.

Ten basic symbols and four primary colors can also be used to form a simple system of symbology, which will assist in creating imagery of the chosen magickal power.

For example: If one were interested in invoking the Qualified Power with the keyword of Pure Creativity, the symbolic construct would consist of Light (a symbol of Chokmah) and the color of Gold (symbol of Wands, Fire, Atziluth and Knowledge) producing a Golden Light or Ray image. This power can also be qualified by the Tarot card of the 2 of Wands. To wield this Power, the magician would use both the Tarot card and the symbolic imagery.

Symbolic correspondences for spiritual beings for each Element are also listed. These consist of the Hebrew God-name of the Sephiroth, the Elements and the matrix of forty qualities that describe each qualified power with a key word.
In addition, there is also a detailed description of each individual power to assist in defining them further. These symbols and qualities are joined together to form the symbolic Key of correspondences for the four Elements.

The forty Naib cards of the Tarot can be studied and analyzed so that the forty Powers may become further understood. However, one must recognize that variations between the many Tarot decks do occur, requiring you to adjust your Tarot deck to the magickal qualities as defined by the forty Qualified Powers.

Base Element: Fire - Knowledge
Symbol as Abstract Being

Fire of Union: Ace of Wands  
Symbol = Circle.
The power of Gnosis is the ability to perceive the relatedness of everything and to experience everything as one. This power allows one to perceive the relatedness that exists between all things, both animate and inanimate.  (Resolution of Spirit and Knowledge)

Fire of Creation: Two of Wands 
Symbol = Light.
The power of pure creativity is the ability to anticipate the patterns of probable manifestation before manifestation occurs. This power allows one to engage in unfettered visionary experiences and prophecy.  (Masculine of Spirit and Knowledge)

Fire of Reception: Three of Wands 
Symbol = Eye.
The power of unbiased perception, the understanding of reality as it truly exists, naked of value and personal perspective. This power dissolves everything into pure actuality, thus cutting through all irrelevancies.  (Feminine of Spirit and Knowledge)

Fire of Benefaction: Four of Wands
Symbol = Cross.
The power of guidance and realized patterns of personal destiny as it relates to the cosmos of the individual. This power attunes the operator to various subtle and personal directives as manifested from higher spiritual realities. (Masculine of Mind and Knowledge)

Fire of Judgment: Five of Wands
Symbol = Staff.
The power of equilibrium and balance is established through the imposition of rationality over emotions or physical reactions. This type of balance restores order to disordered emotions or impassioned feelings through the use of rationalization and clarity.  (Feminine of Mind and Knowledge)

Fire of Identity: Six of Wands 
Symbol = Mirror.
The power of illumination is the exaltation and transcendence of self-knowledge, the revealing the spiritual dimension of the self and its collective and absolute truths.  This power causes the ineffable to become revealed and experienced. (Resolution of Mind and Knowledge)

Fire of Passion: Seven of Wands 
Symbol = Heart.
The power of love and charismatic glamour that causes the breakdown of differences and the establishment of love, peace and conciliation. This power is the embodiment of diplomacy and peacemaking, literally the knowledge of transforming love. (Feminine of Emotions and Knowledge)

Fire of Sagacity: Eight of Wands 
Symbol = Scroll.
The power of eloquence in speech, writing, and the knowledge of how to communicate. This power transcends language and reveals the source of understanding and communication between beings. (Masculine of Emotions and Knowledge)

Fire of Dreams: Nine of Wands
Symbol = Star.
The power of emotional exaltation of the self and the power of inspiration. This power causes the reversal of misfortune and sorrow through the application of projecting fantasy in a creative “as if” manner. (Resolution of Emotion and Knowledge)

Fire of World: Ten of Wands 
Symbol = Flower.
The power of deductive reasoning and the practical application of wisdom, divinely inspired, applied to the challenges of everyday existence. This power is the great problem solver. When applied to the internal issues of the individual, it causes them to be resolved.  (Life Force and Knowledge) 

Base Element: Water - Emotions
Symbol as Stellar Beings

Water of Union: Ace of Cups  
Symbol = Eros.
The power of spiritual love or devotion. This is the power that connects individuals in alignment to the Deity, however Deity is perceived. This power directs the forces of harmony (Tao) to still the lake of one's emotions so that it becomes like a mirror to reflect the wisdom of the Spirit.  (Resolution of Spirit and Emotions)

Water of Creation: Two of Cups 
Symbol = Uranos.
The power of emotional balance and equilibrium and ability to cause emotions to find a greater depth of awareness. This power makes the operator experience a profound mind-state of tranquility that is quite contagious.  (Masculine of Spirit and Emotions)

Water of Reception: Three of Cups 
Symbol = Hera.
The power of true love and the mysterious force that determines the destiny of one's loves.  It also determines whether one’s love has a higher spiritual alignment or is an illusion. The power can also generate potent bonds of spiritual love between individuals if their karmic potential shall allow it.  (Feminine of Spirit and Emotions)

Water of Benefaction: Four of Cups 
Symbol = Zeus.
The power of divine compassion, love and its spiritual effect, charisma. This power represents the process of overall emotional healing through the benediction and intervention of the Spirit upon an issue. It may even correct inequalities through the  power of inspiration, which through self-empowerment and positive thinking brings good fortune. (Masculine of Mind and Emotions)

Water of Judgment: Five of Cups 
Symbol = Ares.
The power of internal emotional strength, the force that fuels one's convictions and allows one to undergo and transform all adversity. This power represents inner strength and the ability to project one's beliefs in a very resolute manner. (Feminine of Mind and Emotions)

Water of Identity: Six of Cups
Symbol = Apollo.
This power reveals the mysteries of the hearts of others. This is the power that establishes a network of sympathy, the web of emotional connection.  (Resolution of Mind and Emotions)

Water of Passion: Seven of Cups
Symbol = Aphrodite.
The power of passion, the lighting of the fires of sexual desire. The intensification of this power will cause heightened states of sexual stimulation that can result in ecstasy and the liberation of the soul.  (Feminine of Emotions and Emotions)

Water of Sagacity: Eight of Cups
Symbol = Hermes.
The power of gaining trust, confidence, and building friendships and important social connections. It facilitates the establishment of platonic relationships. This power also fosters peace and tranquility between people of different persuasions or backgrounds.  (Masculine of Emotions and Emotions)

Water of Dreams: Nine of Cups
Symbol = Artemis.
The power of the imagination as it impacts one's feelings. It produces the inner knowledge of the heart that is expressed through desires and fantasies. This power allows the emotions to be expressed freely and without inhibition as the heart's secret desires.  (Resolution of Emotion and Emotions)

Water of World: Ten of Cups
Symbol = Poseidon.
The power of the theatrical expression of love as an archetypal romance. This power not only expresses itself as a common and often-played theme, but also has many deeper levels. At its most fundamental level, this power is the ritual drama of the soul's ascendancy through the union of love.  (Life Force and Emotions)

Base Element: AIR - Aspirations
Symbol as Spiritual Beings (These classes of angels represent my own personal system.)

Air of Union: Ace of Swords
Symbol = Seraphim (Spirits of Illumination). 
The true will is the power of the realization of one's principal destiny.  This true will is forged through challenges and adversities and it is derived by much thought, design and deliberate artifice. The method of gaining insight into one's motives is a potent technique for unleashing the power of personal direction .  (Resolution of Spirit and Action)

Air of Creation: Two of Swords
Symbol = Cherubim (Guardian Spirits). 
The power of courage that assists one in successfully meeting challenges. This is the power of perseverance and the empowerment of self-belief that is instrumental in resolving difficulties and actualizing through adversity.  This power is experienced through decisiveness, which facilitates the quick achievement of results. (Masculine of Spirit and Action)

Air of Reception: Three of Swords
Symbol = Dominions (Spiritual Bases). 
The power of the clarity of motivation that enables one to be decisive and confident. This power represents the faith in one's own internal process and the belief that all of one's choices are indeed deliberate, significant, and that they reflect the ultimate good of one's life process. This power of clarity also causes one to resolutely adhere to a specific direction and endure all its vicissitudes.  (Feminine of Spirit and Action)

Air of Benefaction: Four of Swords
Symbol = Benefactors (Spirits of Goodness). 
The power rectifying legal inequalities and injustices. This power is very potent in that it causes justice to be wrought upon all wrongs associated with a specific issue, always weighing in favor of the absolute truth, regardless of who is rewarded or punished. So  this power must be used with care. It shall neither aid nor hurt the magician, but only follow the path of truth, judging all by the higher and inscrutable law of karma. (Masculine of Mind and Action)

Air of Judgment: Five of Swords
Symbol = Powers (Spirits of the Will of God).
The power of purification, the elimination of that which is irrelevant and unrefined. This power is intense and will cause a brief burst of disharmony in order to clear the atmosphere of disassociated and discordant beliefs. This power also causes one’s mind to become consolidated and complete.  (Feminine of Mind and Action)

Air of Identity: Six of Swords
Symbol = Virtues (Helping Spirits). 
The power of self-realization. This entails the dual revelations of the spiritual self (unifying principle) and one's true will.  This power of revelation is managed through the agency and inner knowledge of the higher self (self as Spirit) that is experienced directly through one's personal identity, thus causing the revelation of one's destiny.  (Resolution of Mind and Action)

Air of Passion: Seven of Swords
Symbol = Principalities (Spirit Rulers). 
The power of initiating or ending relationships with other individuals.  The key to this power is understanding the importance of other people in one's life.  If there is no spiritual bond between two persons, generating this power can create one, but only as an intellectual type of bond or partnership. It can also sever bonds that no longer serve any positive purpose, and it can also protect one from perversity.  (Feminine of Emotions and Action)

Air of Sagacity: Eight of Swords
Symbol = Intelligences (Spirits of Knowledge).
The power of maintaining one's direction and the integrity of one's purpose through discipline. This discipline causes one to undergo a continual process of self purification and refinement. Thus when it empowers one, it does so without a corresponding inflation of the petty ego.  (Masculine of Emotions and Action)

Air of Dreams: Nine of Swords
Symbol = Bene Elohim (Scion of the Deity). 
The powers of self-determination that are represented as actualizing one's potential through the artifice of the imagination, thus inspiring one's boundless willpower. When one’s true will is inspired, nothing can halt the process that ultimately brings success.  (Resolution of Emotion and Action)

Air of World: Ten of Swords 
Symbol = Arelim (Spirit Watchers).
The power of establishing ideas and beliefs as permanent features in the collective mind. This can be accomplished only if one projects an archetypal process (myth) into society, and through inspiration spreads it throughout the masses. (Life Force and Action)

Base Element: EARTH - Fortunes
Symbol as Physical Beings

Earth of Union: Ace of Pentacles
Symbol = Ecosphere.
The power of growth, well-being and physical goodness. This power represents the source of all life in its purest manifestation, which is the Egregore of existence and the Spirit of Life.  This power causes growth, wholeness and material perfection in all that it touches. However, it is necessary for one to be able to mediate the spiritual essence of life in order to harness it.  (Resolution of Spirit and Fortunes)

Earth of Creation: Two of Pentacles
Symbol = Man.
The power of evolution, revolution and transition, through transformation of the physical world. This power causes all things physical to change, particularly within the sphere of the individual magician who works with these forces. Static situations are swept away and trapped psychic energies released.  Change causes all physical things to complete their cycles.  (Masculine of Spirit and Fortunes)

Earth of Reception: Three of Pentacles
Symbol = Woman.
This power represents the organizing forces of nature that draw individuals together to work and enjoy the fruits of their labors. This is the socializing power that assists the individual in manifesting inner desire that is shared and realized by many.  (Feminine of Spirit and Fortunes)

Earth of Benefaction: Four of Pentacles
Symbol = Horse.
This power represents the use of laws and rules to ensure the security of one's person and one's belongings. This is the power that protects one against calamities and unforeseen misfortune by invoking the social symbols of the protective institutions and using their powers to protect one's interests. An image of this power is the fortress, wherein one is ensured protection.  (Masculine of Mind and Fortunes)

Earth of Judgment: Five of Pentacles
Symbol = Raven.
This power represents the kind of steadfast commitment required to cause great changes or reforms that affect many people. This is the power of destiny, the realization of self direction and the successful conclusion of one’s primary aspirations. Once unleashed, this power establishes a continuous wave of willpower to fortify the pursuit of one's desires.  (Feminine of Mind and Fortunes)

Earth of Identity: Six of Pentacles
Symbol = Phoenix.
This power represents the knowledge of solving problems and achieving ultimate ends.  It is the continual regeneration of life that inspires one through intuitive wisdom to achieve material success and physical accomplishment. Intuitive wisdom may also be used to creatively resolve issues and establish methods for the successful pursuit of one's desires. This power is dedicated to long-term instead of short-term gain. (Resolution of Mind and Fortunes)

Earth of Passion: Seven of Pentacles
Symbol = Swan/Dove.
This power is the force of mediation, the establishment of long-term partnerships (marriages or business partnerships) and the bestowing upon them a potent benediction for material realization. This power is known as the forger of life bonds that causes material well-being as well as spiritual bonds, resulting in harmonious partnerships. (Feminine of Emotions and Fortunes)

Earth of Sagacity: Eight of Pentacles
Symbol = Ape/Dog.
The power of seizing the initiative and collecting small-term gains. This is the power that assists the gambler or the seeker of fortune. It gives one the sense of timing that enables fortuitous coincidences. However, this power also enables one to overcome small issues (selections or other random choice types) and to perceive the patterns of events in order to realize gain. This power is experienced as serendipity.  (Masculine of Emotions and Fortunes)

Earth of Dreams: Nine of Pentacles
Symbol = Sphinx.
This power causes the manifestation of dreams and desires so that they may be acted out in full realization. This power is the desire that causes dreams to become manifest. It is also the power of pleasure and its associated feelings of fulfillment and satiety.  (Resolution of Emotion and Fortunes)

Earth of World: Ten of Pentacles
Symbol = Eagle.
This power is represented by all forms of healing; the life force is poured upon the earth and all that it touches is potently revitalized and regenerated.  This power could, if completely realized, provide the magician with eternal potency in life (eternal life). This power also represents the maximization of all that is in potentiality, thus causing it to gain physical form.  (Life Force and Fortunes)

Frater Barrabbas

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  1. Nice descriptions of the 40 powers, most texts only give the base correspondences for the 4 elements/worlds and the 10 Sephira, leaving it up to the initiate to determine the quality of the combinations.