Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dec 22 - World Didn’t End - What To Do?

So, here we are, the day after the supposed catastrophic Mayan Calendar World ending event, and guess what, the world didn't end. All the New Age preparations, hopeful and wishful thinking just didn't materialize anything special or noteworthy. It’s just another day like most others, with good news, bad news, and no news. There was no catastrophic ending or beginning, other than whatever each and everyone of us made happen by our own work or actions.

While auspicious times occur with some periodic frequency, we must take advantage of them through an arduous regimen of disciplined preparation and intensive magical work. Nothing that is worth anything comes easy, so we must be prepared for a long period of work, self-struggle and seemingly endless toil. Even when enlightenment is achieved, we are not free to lessen our life’s burden, and in fact, often our burdens become even greater when we achieve a certain degree of spiritual and magical greatness.

As a practical minded person I have always believed that we make our own good or bad luck, and that the key to true success is being able to take advantage when opportunities present themselves. Not being able to perceive opportunities or being unwilling to take advantage of them when they arise could be the reason that many people fail to evolve and grow as individuals. This is true in the world of business as well as in the world of magick and spirituality. So, now that the world didn't change over night as some might have expected or wished, the rest of us can get on with our lives pretty much in the same situation as we were before this supposed auspicious event. What you should  do when miraculous events don’t materialize is to put your metaphorical shoulder to the effort of slowly remaking and evolving yourself.

Also, by the way, have a happy Yule weekend - play safe and stay safe.

Frater Barrabbas


  1. How do you know that the world didn't end? What if we are all dead by a mass catastroph and we haven't realized it yet? "6th Sense" and "The Others" movies plots spring into mind.

    Well, jokes aside, the continuation of "business as usual" policies are the confirmation of our grey shaded reality unfoldment. I agree with you of developping our spirituality in parallel with other more mundane activities. Diversification is the key word, not only in the fields of economics and finance, but life in general.

    Many Season greetings to you and fellow blog readers.

  2. With all the hype and the History channel end of the world shows, we all thought we were 'gonners'...however, it is just a legend. Someone mentioned the concept/belief was found in other Indian legends-Cherokee Indians had a similar concept. It was a spiritual belief in their spirits. We've got more to worry about with the asteroid pass on Feb. 15!