Thursday, November 25, 2010

Anniversary of the Abramelin Lunar Ordeal

On November 16, 2009, during the advent of the New Moon, I began a seven week ordeal to see if the proposed Abramelin Lunar Ordeal would actually work. It seemed feasible, and the structures of the ordeal were apparently quite sound, but it had not yet been tested. It was, at the point of conception, an inspired but theoretical process. On the weekend of November 21, I began the process of invoking all four Seraphim and Cherubim (eight Super-archangels in total), and that intensive process lasted four weekends in a row, being completed on the weekend of December 13. Then through the Winter Solstice, Christmas weekend and through the days leading up to the grand event, on the evening of December 30, I successfully completed the steps required to set the ordeal fully in motion. Much has happened to me during the year that followed. I continue to be astonished by every turning of event that seems to reward and gift me, all emanating from the very active Higher Self, or HGA, which is now very much part of the magickal and spiritual revelations that I continue to experience.

As a note during this festive holiday of Thanksgiving (November 25), I want to state that I am deeply thankful for the occult muse that has been inspiring me all of the years of my life. It has been continuously and creatively assisting me to come up with new ways to work with old magickal systems, and to invent completely new ones. I am very lucky, fortunate and blessed that I can still be as creative as I was when I first began this path in the early seventies. As a middle aged man who is looking at old age, decrepitude and immanent decline, I feel happy about my lot in life. The spiritual and magickal process that I began so long ago just seems to be improving with the passing of every year, ultimately leading, (I hope), to complete illumination.

I have been processing the Abramelin Lunar Ordeal all this year, and at times the process seems kind of quiet, other times it has been amazingly revealing. As I head into the anniversary of the original performance, I sense that there will be some completion, as some of the final pieces are put into place. I will then be able to write up the entire ordeal and hand it over to members of the Order, who may find it useful and instrumental in their own self revelations.

I will also pay particular attention to the coming Winter Solstice, when not only the Full Moon will occur, but so will a complete lunar eclipse, observable here in the northern Midwest. I will consider that date to be highly auspicious, as well as the days of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. On this coming December 30, I will seek to reconnect with the previous year’s Bornless One invocation rite, perhaps seeking to redo it at some point during that time. I will have from December 16 through the New Year weekend off from work, so there will be time to reconnect and to complete what was started a year ago.

As insights and inspirations occur to me, I will share them with you. Of course, I need to be prudent about what I can say during this auspicious time, since not everything will be either relevant or even capable of being communicated. Still, I can at least say that I am seeking to know the final parts of this blessed ordeal, and for the mystery of the HGA to finally become fully manifest. Perhaps that blessed event of fullness will occur during the coming holidays, or maybe it will require more time to completely process. I don’t know the answers yet, but the clues are all there.

For my readers, and those who have found a great utility in what I have written, I send a blessing to you during this shortened period of the year, as we head into the time for holidays, feasting and deep thoughtfulness. May you discover all that you are seeking to know. May the powers that you are aligned to bless you and enrich you with the joy of the Spirit and material fulfillment. May all your endeavors be successful and fulfilled, and may you discover your higher self amidst your trials, ordeals and blessed discoveries.

Frater Barrabbas

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