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Sacred Geometry in the Energy Theory of Magick - part 2

Continuing on with the second part of our on-going discussion about Sacred Geometry and the Energy Theory of Magick - let us consider the basic ritual patterns that form the prismatic energy structures. 

Seven Basic Ritual Patterns

There are seven basic ritual patterns that incorporate selected points in the magick circle. These seven ritual patterns represent the elementary structures that are used in my system of ritual magick. Ritual patterns are merely the parts that are used in combination to build fully functional rituals. It has always been my perspective that building functional rituals would be a lot easier if one had a finite tool set of ritual patterns that could be used, combined and qualified by devices for a specific function. If students can understand the significance and effect of a ritual pattern and the devices used to qualify it, then they should be able to build a functional ritual knowing full well what its effect will be even before it’s performed. That’s the whole purpose to using modular ritual structures and building functional rituals from a finite tool set. The following are the seven basic ritual structures placed in the order of their complexity.

Circle - the most basic and integral of ritual structures is the circle. In the tradition of magick that I work, a circle is the foundation for all magick performed. A circle is also associated with sacred space, symbolizing that the area defined within it is considered sacred and open to spiritual and magickal influences. When deployed, a circle will automatically generate a prismatic shape of a sphere, which is the most elementary one. A circle can also be drawn within an already existing magick circle, becoming a world within a world, or a more elevated sacred domain than what is defined by the outer circle.

Pylon - a pylon consists of two points (ultra and infra) with a line of force connecting them together. Often, the two points are established first by the drawing of magickal devices, such as a pentagram. The pylon fuses these two points together, producing a unified expression of their joined energies.

Trigon - usually depicted in the form of an equilateral triangle, the trigon as a ritual structure has many uses, but generally it functions as a gateway. A gateway trigon incorporates one of the Watchtowers and two opposite and corresponding Angles. For instance, a western gateway uses the Western Watchtower and the Southeast and Northeast Angles. The trigon is erected in the magick circle, so the gateway it establishes is inside as opposed to outside of the circle. A trigon gateway, when it is established over existing ritual structures, causes them to be fused together at a new level. A gateway can also be used to formulate a transition from one working to another.

Square/Cross-Roads - a square is where either the four Watchtowers or four Angles are drawn together with lines of force around the periphery of the magick circle, usually done with a dagger or a sword. The direction or vector, and the starting and finishing point are the two components that can have an impact on the quality that this ritual structure produces. A vector of clockwise will produce a decidedly masculine energy signature, and the opposite vector of counter clockwise, will produce a corresponding feminine energy signature. Typically, the masculine version is used, although the feminine variety can be used to create a hybrid structure that can produce a highly charged conical spiral vortex. Starting at a particular point (Watchtower or Angle) can also have an effect. Often it symbolizes the sequence of the four Elements associated with the specific points of the magick circle. This ritual structure tends to produce a polarization of forces that automatically generates magickal energy, particularly due to the fact that it is drawn within a magick circle. A square within a circle has its particular quality of polarized magickal power.

A cross-roads ritual structure is where the four Watchtowers or Angles are drawn together, using lines of force that cross the center of the magick circle. Thus the points that are the polar opposite of each other are joined together, causing an energy signature of fusion and union to occur. The center of the magick circle draws the polarities of the four points so conjoined into a singularity, which is the fifth or quintessential element. The mid-point also becomes an access point for the translation of matter into spirit and spirit into matter, allowing for a two-way communion or communication between both domains. A cross-roads erected in a magick circle has all of the mythic and metaphysical qualities of an actual lonely country cross-roads, the place where sorcerers are reputed to conjure spirits and meet with diabolical agents.

Concentric Spiral - a concentric spiral is one that is performed usually as a circumambulation by a single practitioner around the periphery of the magick circle, although it can also incorporate multiple individuals engaging in a form of circle dance. A positive concentric spiral is one where the vector or direction is clockwise, and a negative concentric spiral is one where the vector is counter clockwise (widdershins). A concentric spiral is expressly used to generate a magickal power that forms a cone. The point of the cone, whether to the ultra-point or infra-point, also determines the quality of the energy. There are four possible outcomes to this combination of vector and the placement of the apex of the cone, but in many traditions only one is used. In addition to the ever popular cone of power (clockwise, ultra-point), there is a spiral vortex (counter clockwise, infra-point), a negative cone of power (counter clockwise, ultra-point) and a solar spiral vortex (clockwise, infra-point). Each of these ritual constructs has a unique power signature.

Eccentric Spiral - an eccentric spiral is one that moves from the periphery of the magick circle to the center, or from the center to the periphery. An eccentric spiral intersects the outside edge of the magick circle with its center, thereby either concentrating the force in the middle or dispersing them  to the outer edge and beyond. To make the spiral a complete ritual structure, three revolutions of the magickal circle must be performed, since three is the number of completion and manifestation. There are four possibilities in how the eccentric spiral is deployed, but only two are actually used. An eccentric spiral that travels from the outer periphery to the center always moves in a clockwise direction, compressing and focusing the energy into the very middle of the magick circle. Conversely, an eccentric spiral that travels from the center to the outer periphery always moves in a counter clockwise direction, dispersing and exteriorizing the collected forces from the middle of the circle to beyond its outer edge. Obviously, compressing the magick power would occur just prior to exteriorizing it, so these two ritual structures are typically used in the order of compressing the power, and then, exteriorizing it.

The above six ritual structures are the most basic in the repertoire of a magician who is using the extended energy theory of ritual magick. However, two more structures, which are related, can also be examined. The first is the pyramid, which is the seventh ritual structure, and the next is the tetrahedron, which is uniquely associated with the trigon gate.

Pyramid - a pyramid is formed when the four Watchtowers or Angles are joined around the periphery of the magick circle to form a square, and then a pylon is established in the center of the circle. The final step is where the magician draws lines of force from the four points of the base of the square to either the ultra-point or the infra-point, establishing an obverse or inverted pyramid. In an elaborate ritual structure, the magician could erect both an obverse and an inverted pyramid so that they would be joined at the four points of the square. This double pyramid structure is known as the prismatic structure of an octahedron, where the negative and positive pyramids would super charge the energy signature of the magick circle through the combined polarization and fusion of their generated powers.

The Tetrahedron is a three dimensional gateway, incorporating the trigon as its base, and projecting a fourth point into either the ultra or infra-point. An obverse tetrahedral gateway would have a corresponding positive energy signature, and an inverted tetrahedral gateway would have a negative one. Typically, the obverse tetrahedral gateway is a more refined structure than a gateway trigon because there is the fourth point, which is a spiritual attribute that consists of the combined expression of the three nodes of the gateway. It represents the final resolution of the three part transformative ordeal.

An obverse tetrahedral gateway, like a trigon gateway, can be oriented to any of the points of the four Watchtowers. If the fourth point of a tetrahedral gateway is occupying the infra-point, then the gateway has the quality of being negative, representing a powerful threshold to the deeper underworld structures (such as the Qliphoth). So for this reason, an inverted tetrahedral gateway always has a western or underworld orientation. Like the pyramid, a magician can combine the obverse and the inverted tetrahedral gate to create a fused double gateway, where the obverse tetrahedron would be oriented to the east, and the inverted would be oriented to the west. The fused structure would be a kind of hexahedron, and would represent the complete cycle of transformative initiation in a single holistic ritual structure.

Formulas, Declarations and Energy Colors - Use of Keywords and Concepts

In addition to using ritual structures and qualifying them with devices, the points of a ritual structure can also be qualified through the use of a formula letter, a declaration and a visualized energy color. These three additional qualifiers are used to give even more meaning and significance to the overall ritual structure, thus powerfully and significantly imprinting the prismatic energy shape with a symbolic meaning. Each of the points of the ritual structure are qualified with an occult ideal or concept, and in the case of a visualized colored energy, a specific component of energy as well.

Thus the points of a ritual pattern are qualified by occult symbolic ideals and a specific energy signature. They join together to formulate a fully empowered and intelligible ritual structure, to be joined with other ritual structures, fashioning a ritual with a very specific function and magickal effect. A functional ritual often has variables, where the points of the various ritual structures can be qualified by a small array of different devices, such as a different invoking pentagram to generate a certain Element. Typically, the devices in a ritual structure may be changed, but the declarations, formula letters and even the visualized colored energies remain the same, representing the fixed aspects of the ritual pattern. Sometimes, all of these qualifiers can be modified, thus producing a completely modular structure with a large array of variations.

Formula letters are specifically used to pull the points of the ritual structure together at the terminus or ending of that magickal event. This is done in a process that is called “Analysis of the Keyword” as found in the Golden Dawn ritual of the Rose Cross. Therefore, the formula letters (often in Hebrew, but also represented by Greek, Latin, Coptic or Arabic) are used to build the keyword, which acts as the touchstone for the entire ritual structure. How this is done is that the letters of the keyword are intoned at the associated points in the magick circle, along with the devices, declarations, signs (gestures) and visualized colored energies, and then when the ritual structure is complete, the formula letters are intoned together to form the keyword and a final declaration is made in the center of the magick circle.

In this manner, all of the points of the ritual structure are fused into a single keyword and a single declaration. The analysis of the keyword construct can be performed at the end of each ritual structure, and it can be performed at the end of the final ritual structure in a functional ritual. By establishing a synopsis of the fully functional ritual and the ritual structures that are contained by it, a powerful resonance of union and fusion is produced, representing the perfect expression of Spirit within a ritual magickal construct. Having this element throughout a ritual causes a subtle emulation of the spiritual essence of the godhead to be manifest in the working. This factor will ensure that the rite produces a transformative effect when it is performed.

Declarations should be kept brief and succinct, since if they are too wordy, the timing of the ritual will be expanded and the pace will be slowed down considerably. Energy visualizations should be meaningful but not distracting, if they are used at all. Formulas, declarations, keywords and energy visualizations are additional qualifications which can make a simple ritual much more complex, and even cause it to implode due to an overbearing burden of density. Special care must be used when deploying them in a ritual structure.

Conclusion - Putting It All Together

We have now concluded our initial analysis of the different components that can be used to generate geometrically shaped prismatic energy fields. All of the elements discussed above can be used to build ritual structures and fully functional rituals. An important consideration is that a fully functional ritual can stand by itself, or it can function as one of an array of rituals used to form a working, which is an event driven ritual performance where the variables (if any) have been set and a specific intent and purpose have been determined. For the competent witch or pagan, these ritual structures are used to build four basic add-on rituals that can dramatically evolve the kind of magick that is worked, from a purely wiccan or pagan basis, to that of the discipline of ritual magick. These four fully functional rituals are:

  • Spiral Vortex rite,
  • Pyramid of Powers rite,
  • Western and Eastern Gateway rites,
  • Lunar Mystery rite.

Spiral Vortex rite is where a widdershins concentric spiral is joined with a cross-roads circle structure, which produces a powerful magnetic vortex that has in its center, a singularity. A rose ankh device is set to each of the four points to give the ritual structure an obvious feminine energy signature. The utility of the spiral vortex rite, once it is activated, is that it functions as an impervious container with a negative core that can irresistibly draw together and contain everything within it. It can also impact and transform anything that happens to be symbolically linked to its released exteriorized wave-form.

Pyramid of Powers rite consists of a circle squared with a central pylon, and the four points of the square base are drawn to the ultra-point. The resultant power is drawn up and compressed with an inward clockwise eccentric spiral, imprinted with a sigil, and then released through the agency of an outward anti-clockwise eccentric spiral. Invoking pentagramic devices for a specific element are set to each of the four points of the square, and an attribute of the Deity (Qabbalistic Sephirah) is summoned and declared in the center of the circle. The pyramid of power rite is used to invoke and unleash one of the forty Qualified Powers upon a specific target as determined by the sigil.

Western and Eastern Gateway rites - these two rites, which act as a completed unit, represent the underworld access and the over-world ascension associated with the cycle of personal transformation. Both rites use a gateway trigon, with devices, formula letters and declarations made at each of the three points of the gate. The formula letters form a keyword, which is analyzed and declared as the final ritual action of the rite. The gateway points are usually qualified by three deliberately selected Tarot trumps, so the formula letters are tied to the Tarot trumps chosen. The underworld gateway, and the ascension gateway, have their own mythic themes, which don’t vary, but can be qualified by a combination of Tarot trump and associated formula letter.

Lunar Mystery rite - this is one of three different mystery rites, but it is the most important, since it is used to establish the astrological and lunar foundation for a basic ritual working. The Lunar Mystery rite has at least four variables, but it can have as many as eight variables, depending on whether the lunar phases or the lunation cycle are used. Other variables would be the astrological sign that the sun resides at the time of the rite (solar season) and the astrological sign that the moon is in during its specific phase. The Lunar Mystery rite has the following ritual structure (as taken from the generic mystery rite outline).

1. Spiral Vortex rite.
2. Underworld Gateway rite.
3. Cross-roads for mystery working - four points set to the specific qualities of the phase. The cross-roads can also be a double cross-roads consisting of eight points (for the lunation cycle).
4. Draw inner concentric circle focusing on where the cross-roads meet.
5. Establish the sacred pylon (link to the specific mystery godhead).
6. Godhead assumption and communion.
7. Mythic theme for lunar aspects established
8. Optional secondary inverted tetrahedral gateway (deep gate) - this rite would qualify and encapsulate the personal working of the Pyramid of Powers.
9. Pyramid of Power rite (performed within the mystery vortex).
10. Closing of optional gate (using sealing spirals).
11. Closing Western Gateway, and performing Eastern Gateway of Ascension.
12. Concluding feast and outer lunar celebration (if any).

As indicated above, an optional inverted tetrahedral gateway would be used to unify and build a deeper foundation for the performance of the Pyramid of Powers rite. The Lunar Mystery rite could also be worked without steps 7 through 9, omitting the Pyramid of Powers working and thereby focusing on the specific lunar mystery. This ritual outline characterizes how a completed ritual working would be performed, showing all of the required steps and components.

Our objective (in this work) is to examine this ritual working in greater detail, and carefully go over all of the individual rituals and examine how they are constructed and function. (Some of these rituals have already been examined in previous articles, others will be soon forthcoming.)

We have now thoroughly discussed all of the required elements for a basic modular system of ritual magick. What remains to be examined later is the mythic content and meaning of these ritual structures as they are deployed in the four basic rituals.

To recap the important points in this article:

  • Energy is movement/action performed in sacred space,
  • Energy is symbolized by the joining of the archetypal male and female,
  • Energy is perceived while in a powerful altered state of consciousness.

Prismatic energy shapes are determined by ritual structures, magickal devices, specific circle points associated with a strategic ritual pattern, and can be further qualified by formula letters, declarations and visualized colored energies. Keywords can be used to unify all of the points and components of a ritual structure.

Frater Barrabbas

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