Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Coming Attractions for June 2011

I just wanted to write a short article to kind of conclude the May bonanza of posts for this blog. It has been a very interesting month, and June promises to be just as good or even better. I will list the writing projects that are on the board for this month, and also to thank all of the readers who have made the blog statistics really hum this month.

First of all, I will be posting a three part history of the Qabbalah, which I have already researched and completed writing. These posts will continue to build on the lore of the previous posts that I have made on this topic, with the hope that I will eventually have an entire suite of articles that will fully encapsulate my thoughts about the Qabbalah and the practical uses that I make of it. I must admit that the Qabbalah is integral to my occult and magickal work, and knowing its history is just as important as knowing how to use it. I am also working on a corresponding article that focuses on the topic of the Twenty-two Pathways of the Qabbalah. Hopefully, these two articles, broken up into segments, will be posted in the coming month.

I am planning on completing my continuing series on the specialized techniques and methodologies of performing invocation and evocation, as it is practiced in the Order of the Gnostic Star. I have already written the first article on the mystery gateway, called the ritual of the Gate of Revealing, which outlines the procedures that I follow for performing an invocation. I will also attempt to write up an article that discusses the other major workings in this cycle, which are the art of spirit evocation, skrying and astral projection within the spirit’s domain. Other articles may also be posted this coming month that will tie up all of the various loose ends that may have occurred when writing these articles. If you have been following this series and have any questions about the procedures discussed or techniques employed, feel free to contact me so I might address them in an article this month.

There will likely be a couple more substantive months of articles, and then I will have to scale things down to accommodate my busy schedule. As I have said previously, I have three concurrent book projects and lots of other things that will need my attention over the next several months. It’s going to be a busy year, but I hope to continue to produce interesting and substantive articles for this blog, although they might be quite a bit shorter than what you are used to.

So that’s what I am planning for the lovely month of June, and I hope that you will enjoy reading these articles.

Frater Barrabbas  

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