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Invoking One of the 49 Bonarum Part 2

I have decided to post another of my past magickal experiences as written up in my electronic journal. From time to time, I will edit and post still more of these journal entries to share with my readers. Hopefully, these experiences will demonstrate what a real magickal working is like from the standpoint of the magician.

Back in the autumn of 1991, while I was living in Tallahassee, Florida, I performed a series of workings that invoked seven of the 49 Enochian Spirits called the Bonarum. I have classified these spirits as binary-planetary intelligences because they consist of two planetary intelligences fused together into a bypolar unified conscious entity. A binary planetary intelligence is extremely useful for any kind of magick ordeal since it has the ability to powerfully resonate with the psyche of the practitioner, causing him or her to experience a powerful cathartic clarification. These spirits also make very potent talismanic generators, so they can be used in that manner as well.

This working was part of an eight part working that invoked seven of these spirits and Camara during an intensive eight week period. I invoked one of these spirits during the weekend for nearly a two month period. Needless to say, the results were spectacular and through them I gained a lot of additional previously unknown Enochian magickal material. The full set of journal entries and other lore will encompass the second volume of the Book of the Nephilim.

Keep in mind that I am still editing and refining these journal entries, so what I am posting here is something of a rough draft. I am doing this so you can get a very good idea about the actual raw experience, unadulterated by later edits and verbal refinements.

Here are the notes from the seventh invocation in that series.

Notes from the Invocation of Beta-Aminodea

The invocation of Aminodea was the seventh and final in the series of the Binary Planetary Invocations. This working was probably the most intense and unusual of all of the workings. At the start of this working, I felt a strong sense of foreboding which was rather odd. The atmosphere associated with this evening was haunted and almost eerie. Because of my gothic sensibilities, I found these strange sensations to be rather pleasant and thrilling. They seemed to indicate a brooding type of force that always presages a major magickal experience. The combination of planets used in this working certainly assisted the dark nature of the energies that I experienced. The base planet was the Moon, and Saturn qualified it amidst the background zodiacal sign of Cancer, thus reinforcing the Lunar attributes of this working. However, the planet Saturn, acting through the influence of the sign of Cancer, caused a potent occlusion of emotional factors which led to a kind of emotional hypersensitivity. This combination of planetary qualities caused me to witness a very deep and dark manifestation of unconscious elements. It also brought to the surface of my awareness an archetypal entity that managed to reveal itself to me, but it was reticent to communicate with me until the invocation process was completed.

This entity appeared in the form of a slender and sensuous young woman with bright red hair, pale facial features and beautiful green eyes. She appeared at intervals during the rite, and first appeared while I was in my bath meditating. In fact, the whole impact of the working was revealed while I was taking my magickal bath, and appeared as a powerfully distracting premonition. I knew at that moment that the image of the young woman was Lilith, and that she represented a particular facet of my current relationships with women, colored as they were by my involvement in ceremonial magick. Yet this feminine presence was very sensuous and quite erotic, and she seemed to be friendly with me. I was able to sense that she favorably acknowledged me, and bestowed upon me her apparent good-will.

The primary issue associated with this working seemed to revolve around my seemingly foolish attraction and pursuit of so-called fallen women. However, what was revealed to me seemed to  indicate that such an attraction could be considered normal when one also understood that these fallen women were in actuality the unredeemed daughters of Lilith. They had merely lost the ability to understand their role and the importance of their powers. Therefore, society had degraded these women, but underneath they were truly women of great magickal power.

I suppose that a useful analogy would be to compare how society would evaluate me without the cover of my outward normalcy and my middle class profession. I assume that I would be consigned to the spiritual ghetto if it were not for my own personal power and sense of personal value. These qualities allowed me to pursue the education and gain the experience necessary to establish myself in my current station of life.  Yet I can barely imagine what it must be like being a woman born in the lower classes who would most certainly be incapable of taking advantage of her virtues, while the degradation of life around her would reinforce all of her negative issues. So a woman born with great occult powers in such a situation would probably be easily led by unscrupulous individuals and used in a degraded fashion. There would likely be no guide or teacher to instruct her about the magickal abilities and singular virtues that she possessed. This is the nature of the fallen women who Lilith represents as her daughters.

The spirit of Aminodea appeared, then, as the Goddess Lilith in all her strange, beautiful and troubling glory. She was dressed in a semi-transparent white robe that revealed all her feminine charms in a defused but obvious manner. Her red hair was long and lustrous, and upon her forehead was a ruby diadem. Her eyes were a lovely shade of jade green and her skin was pale white. Her lips were full and generous and painted a passionate red. She spoke to me in a quiet and calm voice, and I wrote down all that she said in my journal. Her voice was very sensual and the energy that emanated from her presence was splendidly erotic. I had to focus carefully on what she said or I would have become distracted by her presence. Yet I persevered and wrote down her words, and this is what she said.

The Testament of Lilith

I reveal unto you, the secret of the Daughters of Lilith, those little goddesses who are my heart and soul, they are my beloved ones. For these women are the Daughters of Great Magick, and they rightfully oppose the Daughters of Eve, who are the staunch supporters of the status-quo. They are also the keepers of the Great Lie, which states that women are spiritually weaker than men. So to keep themselves in power, the Daughters of Eve shall insert their hypocritical definitions of women and morality into the legal and moral structures of society for the rest of us, and they will be venerated as if they were an absolute truth.

So my daughters are devalued and degraded; because they are willful and motivated by potent passions and desires. Thus the men who rule this world both fear and covet them. In the prior age, these women would have been burned as witches, but in this age, they are prostitutes, erotic dancers, pornographic actresses, the host of the used and abused, and even impoverished single mothers. They are the castaways of society; and this great injustice occurs because they contain a great need for self-empowerment and the desire for personal freedom. For these women find no comfort in being the chattel of men. Some of these women, although very few, become great artists, celebrated authors, actresses or professional dancers; but most of the Daughters of Lilith remain poor and undiscovered.

So I direct you, a sorcerer of the old line and an occult teacher, to seek the Daughters of Lilith in their fallen state, and as the gnostic Helena of Troy was saved from a Syrian Brothel by Simon Magus, you must redeem her so that she becomes like the Sophia Prunikos. The alternative for them is darkness and despair, which is their collective fate. They are lowly and cast down, but they aspire and are held apart. They are lonely and the essence of their power is to be found in the captive lusts of their lowly men. Their unions are often unfruitful, but they release an ecstatic power. This why you are attracted to these fallen women (as are all men of this world), because they are the Daughters of Lilith. So unbeknownst to them, they are calling and summoning you to aid them in their plight, to give them the tools of high self-esteem and self-empowerment. When this evolution shall come to pass, then shall I rejoice in their redemption; and correspondingly, the great age of magick shall be reborn. Because these down-trodden women are the true-born priestesses of the magickal arts, and without them, such an age of magick cannot be realized.

O Red-headed Daughter of the Night, a street walker, degraded and debased, and also unloved. Help her to redeem herself and teach her the arts of magick that she has forgotten. Yet the way is very hard and the trials shall separate the worthy from the unworthy. Some may be too broken, or too far gone and despairing, to be redeemed. Others may be unable to reawaken their magickal heritage, or they might just succumb to fear or to the lies of the Daughters of Eve. Yet those who shall achieve their redemption will gather together and summon the power to glory in the image of me, the Goddess Lilith. In my name and power, all the men and women who revel in my service shall quickly grow and spiritually evolve, and bring forth a New Age of Magick.

I shall now reveal to you my secret nature so that you may understand and thereby invoke my spirit into manifestation; and this summoning will presage the beginning of the New Age of Magick. Thus are the Feminine Mysteries of the Cult of the Nephilim revealed through the potent manifestation of my spirit, and herein, I reveal myself to you.

Sun in Scorpio: I am emotionally intense, a power of spiritual regeneration for good or evil. I seek to fulfill my desires, yet I am subtle, calculating and secretive. Thus I am also possessive, jealous and even vengeful.

Moon in Leo: I am dramatic and emotionally demonstrative. I need to be desired and appreciated. I also need to be the center of attention, but I am generous and loving in return.

Mercury in Libra: I am concerned with the interrelationships between people, and I am very curious about the inner thoughts and feelings of lovers. I am honest and frank in my conversations, to the point of being blunt, yet I seek always to be equitable and just in my social interactions.

Venus in Scorpio: I am very sexual and passionate; sometimes I am overly preoccupied with sex and experiencing ecstasy (which is my drug of choice). My wants and needs are very selfish and often override the needs of others, and I am often far too self-indulgent.

Mars in Aries: I am highly active and highly energized. I have great leadership skills, but I can also be stubborn and fiercely independent. I believe strongly in fighting for my beliefs, and relying upon my own strengths, will-power, and courage.

Jupiter in Taurus: I have an excellent sense for the proper use of resources on all levels. Thus, my nature attracts wealth. I love good food and drink, beautiful cloths, costly jewelry and sumptuous surroundings. However, I do have a problem with material excess, and I can readily experience dissipation through too much self-indulgence.

Saturn in Pisces: I understand humility and I am compassionate of those who are less fortunate than I. At times, I brood on past errors and transgressions, but I am aware of my humble beginnings, so I never have any illusions about who I really am.

Thus I am, in form and spirit, to be invoked and known by you. You will summon the power of the Black Aphrodite and therein shall you find redemption and emancipation at her hands. She will teach you the mysteries, and these will be the tools through which you shall transform her daughters. You shall find them in the lowly places of society, lost and forgotten, like jewels in the gutters. I say to you that the power of the age of Lilith is near, her time is coming and so is her fate of retribution. She was fallen yet she has arisen to become the redeemed Goddess of the Feminine Spirit. She is to women as the Christ was once to men.

Because you are an aspirant of the dark wisdom and are aligned to the Dark Lord Set, therefore, I would choose you to be one of my many prophets, as I would any man who follows your path. So too, one could see in Set, God of the Egyptians, the personage of Seth, the ancestor of Enoch and the patron of the Gnostic Philosophies. The darkness represents the obscure nature of this knowledge, and the sense of the forbidden is cast aside by the light of realization. Yet all men who walk the dark paths represent my preferred mates, for I am mistress of all sorcerers and the guide of its darkest mysteries.

I reveal to you that Seth is the seventh and final master of the Enochian System of Magick. So you must assume his godhead within the Bornless Invocation Rite, and then call forth the luminous image of myself, the scarlet haired Goddess (who shall act like a bitch in heat), and we shall consummate our union. This is because pure lust, directed from the Body to the Spirit, leads to ecstasy, which is the union of Deity and Humanity, This is the state of ultimate perfection and the domain of the incarnated and empowered spirit. From this union will arise your own priestess and lover. You will redeem her as the incarnation of Lilith, most beloved and respected. Therein, she shall teach you of the ways that represent the wisdom of my mysteries made manifest, and you shall also find many of my spiritually red-headed daughters. You will raise them up, but only those who are worthy, and they shall shine like jewels in the blackened night sky. They will become known in the world of men for their true value and be venerated and deeply appreciated. You will only be their master of the moment; since you must be stern and unwavering in the application of their ordeals. Yet that ordeal will redeem and cause them to arise to their true station. Thus, they shall be saved from themselves and from a corrupted and evil society.

Know you that the daughters of Lilith are analogous to the sacred scarlet women. The archetype of the Holy Courtesan is thus restored, and it becomes the Qadishtu, which is the holy erotic mediator of the Divine Feminine. Since to become one with the God is to become one with the representative of the Deity upon the Earth. Therefore, I have revealed to you the lost avocation of the sacred temple prostitute. In the cult of the Nephilim, the Priestess becomes the Lilith of Power, offering to all her chalice of ecstasy. She has become the embodiment of the Grail, but she has received powerful initiations and magick runs in her blood (sangreal), so she can transmute her being of Flesh and Blood into a perfect sacrament. She must be taught, led bound and blindfolded through her ordeals, tempered and made strong; then she can lead the faithful after becoming like true alchemical gold.

The manifestation of Lilith through the spirit of Aminodea is at an end, having revealed the mysteries of the magickal power of women.

The Structure of Inner Plane Workings

The following represents the pattern which is to be used when working with the Inner Plane domains of the Qabbalah of the 40 Worlds.

1.  The Qabbalistic Pyramid of Power

This ritual, which has already been written and is part of the Order's arsenal of rituals, establishes the Qabbalistic World as a pyramidal pylon ritual structure.

2.   The Ritual of the Eneagram

This ritual establishes the Qabbalistic focus on a specific Sephirah, with an invoking vortex set in the angles, and tracing the appropriate Eneagrammic angle, the appropriate correspondences are invoked. This ritual should be updated to include the Enochian names for the Godhead, Sephirah, and Archangel. The eneagrammic structures are unified with a hexagrammic device set in the ultra-point.

3.   The Septagrammic Gate Vortex

This ritual is over-laid upon the prior two structures, thus causing the Qabbalistic World to be fused with the pylon- invoking structure of Camara, the guide of the Inner Planes. Then the Grand Threshold is established, the Celebrant passes into the world of the Inner Planes. After this is accomplished, then one may either skry or astral project at this point, a guided meditation may also assist to set the structure of the symbolic correspondences of that revealed Qabbalistic World.

The above information was delivered along with the ritual structure of the Septagrammic Gate Vortex. That ritual was written into a finished format in preparation for use in the next working, scheduled for the Full Moon of the next month.

Ritual Comments

The working began at 9:15 PM EST when the consecration of the circle was completed, which locked the planetary hour of Luna for the 14th Day of December, 1991. The Moon was in the sign of Aries, and it had moved into that sign during the first hour of sunrise (the first planetary hour of Saturn). There were no significant astrological aspects for the duration of this working. The Moon had already entered the First Quarter at 4:32 AM that morning. The working ended at 12:09 AM the next morning.

Frater Barrabbas

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  1. I've felt a dark pull towards Lilith several times. I'm wondering if you followed up on what she told you. If so, could you detail it a bit? Thanks.