Thursday, December 23, 2010

Future Perfect Informing Present Imperfect

As you no doubt remember, I recently posted an article on retro-causality and its implications, both on PSI research and Quantum Mechanics. It has profound implications for occult phenomena as well. You can find the article here. Still, I basically felt that it perhaps vindicated experiences that I and others have had where the future has revealed itself, whether moments just before, or through longer periods of prognostication, such as what occurs in deliberative forms of divination. It makes the case for precognition and the ability to foretell the future a bit more scientific and rational than what might have been understood without the potential sanction of science. (We would still be doing divination despite whatever science says is rational or completely irrational.)

It’s all very intriguing and fascinating, but something else just occurred to me that would seem to be even more profound. What if the spiritual destiny that we seek, the Godhead that we sense through our higher selves, is actually our future self, having achieved complete mastery and full illumination? That would assume that anyone who is earnestly and valiantly following their spiritual path would, in fact, achieve complete illumination. Of course, human experience has shown that most spiritual seekers achieve a level of fulfillment and completion considerably below that exalted mark - only a few, if any, become truly exalted spiritual masters in a generation. So it would seem that such an endpoint in one’s future would actually be illusory for most.

However, what if that potential to be fully illuminated and totally enlightened was available to everyone, and had a nebulous, encompassing and tangible existence in the future, whether distant or near. That potential future, not yet fully realized, could still have a powerful effect, even if one were to fail or die before fully realizing it. It could also be considered a pathway to a yet unrealized future universe, where at least one aspect of one’s self would achieve full enlightenment, while others might fall short. Quantum mechanics could at least theorize about such possibilities, but if we apply them to occult perspectives, it paints a picture of one’s manifest destiny that is determined and established through a kind of combined realization of the present through the perspective of the future. This is, of course, very mind bending, but I find it very intriguing to consider.

So, what this means is that I am being inspired, taught at strategic moments, given realizations at just the right time not by a personal aspect of Godhead, but by my future self who has already achieved full enlightenment and has become that personal aspect of Godhead. That perfected future self gently but thoroughly guides and helps me at moments of crisis and catharsis so that I might be able to achieve full realization of it at some future date. It takes the whole concept of causality and spiritual achievement and turns it on its head. It signifies that I am attempting to replicate what on some level and in some future time space continuum has already been achieved. It is not only possible, but in some strange way, all fated to be - not because the future is already determined, but because the future informs the past and the present.

This perspective also would vindicate the mind before matter model, since it would view history as traveling backwards from total evolutionary enlightenment to the point in time where we are today as striving individuals. From the perspective of the future informing the present and the past, the mind before matter model makes perfect sense. It also doesn’t contradict the scientific matter before mind model, since that perspective would involve seeing the evolution of time from the past to the future. From the level of Quantum mechanics, perceiving time flowing in both directions without causing a collapse of causality would explain why both models are in fact different perspectives of the flow of history from past to future, and from future, informing the present and the past.

Wow! These are pretty heavy thoughts, but I think that I will continue to think them over and talk to some of my friends about them. The last word on this topic has not yet been stated. Let me know what you think of this stream of thought and wonderment. My higher self is actually my future self,existing just beyond that mystical moment after I die and cease to exist in this world.

Frater Barrabbas