Monday, August 1, 2011

Qabbalah - Ascension, Transformation and Gnosis

 Sorry - this blog article was removed pending the publication of “Magical Qabalah for Beginners” published by Llewellyn Worldwide - you can find this material in that book, published on January, 2013.



  1. How beautifully timed your post is, Frater Barrabbas! I have been contemplating a particular mode of working with the Tree of Life to further my practice, but was a bit stuck on the "where" to begin and in which direction to move once my basic outline was completed. You just filled in the blanks for me. Thank you!

  2. @Rose - you're welcome! Don't forget to buy Lon Milo DuQuettes' book "Chicken Qabalah."

  3. Great posts. Just found your blog. All excellent information and sources (for those of us aspiring to the Great Work). Compliments.