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Heptarchia Mystica and Septagramic Vortex Gate - Part 2

Continuing with the second part of this series on the Septagramic Vortex Gate ritual, I wanted to share the edited journal of that working which I performed nearly 20 years ago.

Notes from the Invocation of Carmara

On the 18th Day of January, 1992, the Septagrammic Gate Vortex was performed. This consisted of joining together the prior seven invoked Binary Planetary Intelligences into a single matrix. In addition to the above structure, an invoking vortex was established to invoke the spirit of Carmara, the ruler of the Heptarchia Mystica. Once invoked, the celebrant was to establish the trapezoidal gate within the center of the seven-fold spiritual matrix, so establishing the septagonic gate vortex. The invocation of the Grand Threshold was the final act which opened up the Gate Threshold of the Inner Planes.

Each step of the Septagrammic Gate Vortex produced a powerful manifestation of spiritual influences that caused the most powerful mind altering phenomena that I have ever experienced in my many years of practicing magick. Yet by the time I reached the stage for opening the Inner Planes, I was completely incapacitated and I was not able to proceed with the working. It became necessary to carefully seal the completed working and make a second attempt during the following evening. My basic assumption was that because the planetary hour had been locked with the circle consecration ritual, and that the planetary hour was also sealed when the complex vortex structure was sealed, it was kept intact for future work. Therefore, after the circle was re-consecrated and charged the next evening, and the target vortex was unsealed, the Septagrammic Gate could be re- opened and explored as if the delay had never occurred.

During the second evening, I witnessed the revelations of Carmara along with the second exposure to the emanations of the Inner Planes. However, this time I was able to remain quite conscious and noted down everything that transpired.

While I was undergoing the ordeal of the first evening, I managed to record a few words before passing out. I was probably unconscious for a few minutes, since the candles were at approximately the same length that they had been before I lost consciousness. Yet I couldn’t verify that fact, since my mental sense of the elapsing of time has played strange tricks on me before. The following is all that I wrote that first evening.

“I am Carmara, Lord of the Seven Rays! And my word is truth, therefore always seek the truth, in all of one's pursuits, the truth!

“Behold, for the truth is Aleithea, beloved of God and Humanity, and she is the perfect Goddess mate through whom one could experience unity, in this sign:

“The initiation of Chenok is the union of Aleithea; the Truth. And this rite shall be revealed at a later time....”

The above three paragraphs were all that was recorded for that evening. Still, the concepts contained within them were quite profound. It would seem to suggest that Carmara was promoting some kind of ecstatic union and subsequent rebirth through the womb matrix of the Goddess of Truth. This was quite a startling revelation, and it seemed to indicate this was to be the initiation of the Chenok, fostering spiritual union and divine truth.

The second evening, the 19th day of January, 1992, was used for continuing the above revelations, and also to gain some deeper explanation of the concept of becoming one with the Feminine Spirit of Truth.

The spirit of Carmara revealed itself on the second evening in a form that was more easily perceived; since my senses, this time, were quite sharp and clear. The image that I sensed coming from the spirit was that of an ancient man with a long white beard, wearing dark blue robes. But this image was fleeting, however, the presence of Carmara was very benign and kindly, as if to indicate that the more difficult process was behind me and now all was available for revelation. I had apparently passed the tests and now Carmara came forth not as an overpowering guardian, but as a guide and teacher. I noted down the words which that spirit spoke to me, and this is what it said.

The Edge of the World, and the Age of Transition

The Greater Abyss is rimmed by the Mythic Images of the Apocalypse, the archetype of the Aion in transition and the turmoil of the establishment of a new age.

A Magus may declare the Spiritual Age, but it represents the archetypal spirit of the time of his or her lineage. To those who are not of the level of the High Adept-hood, the Great Age continues its normal span: One degree each 72 years, one Zodiacal sign every 2,160 years, and one complete revolution of the wheel of time every 25,920 years. Yet the Great Age is currently in transition and shall soon change (at the approximate date of 2014 CE). All that anyone needs to do in order to verify this statement is to glimpse the world with an open mind and see the collapse of all political institutions and spiritual ideologies, and the corresponding affirmation of Western Esotericism.

Therefore, a truly creative spiritual era is now in full transition. It is time for the old order to die; Babylon and the Beast have become relevant symbols for the current decay of Western civilization. Seven Horns, seven trumpets, and seven bowls represent the process of transformation, symbolized as the Age in Transition, forever changing and never the same ever again. It is the death of the familiar and the rise of the dreaded unknown and unfamiliar. The time for change has begun its fateful toll, so the myths of the Apocalypse are applicable to today’s tumultuous times. The association between this mythic image and the real world is allegorical, though the end truly represents the dawning of a new beginning. Yet first, we must witness the fall of the old order.

The Enochian System of Magick has its genesis with the decay and fall of this present era. This is because the current age began with its suppression and subsequent obscurity. So with the terrible demise of the tyrant who has suppressed progressive occultism for this entire age, this esoteric belief system will be renewed and given new life in a more modern form.

What follows the upheaval and the formation of new orders is the establishment of a long period of peace, where the problem places of the world find their own resolution, and thereby allow for a normal and peaceful existence, devoid of hatred, fear, death, and anarchy.

I will define for you what shall yet occur in this process of World Transformation.

1. Democracy will grow and pluralism will become the norm, so it will not only be tolerated, it will be highly encouraged. Through the crucible of terrible experiences, people will seek peace, and succeed in living in peace with their neighbors.

2.   The market shall prevail over all ideologies, free-trade will ultimately enrich both first and third worlds, eliminating world hunger and starvation.

3.   The phenomenon of World Government will become the ultimate authority, along with global enterprises.

4.   A renewal of space exploration will cause humanity to conquer the immediate solar system, and the resultant technological gains will be quite profound: Space age solutions for the Earth's problems, pollution, ozone depletion, energy needs, information networks on a
global scale and the ultimate erasure of national boundaries.

These are the phases of the future, and yet there is no fear of nuclear devastation or Armageddon in these visions. There is only the profound challenge to change, adapt, grow, and progress on all levels instead of succumbing to hate, war, destruction, and death, as found in the myriad of ethnic and nationalistic struggles.

The use of these visions is in their amalgamation in a Vision-Image which becomes the Key to the Spiritual Dimensions of the Inner Planes. This Vision-Image corresponds to the symbolic progression of the Theme of the Apocalypse, a mythic theme of Society in transformation. Because the Great Age is truly in transition, the Inner Planes are opening up, revealing ever more spiritual attributes which profoundly alter the spirits and minds of the common folk. However, the magician adept is aware of this process and can control and manipulate it to a certain degree. Thus it is a great time for major magickal workings, because there are more spiritual emanations in times of transition that can be used and channeled. It is a time of great destinies, especially for the Master Magician who knows the Age in which he or she was born.


Of course these visions occurred at a time when the U.S. would experience a long period of peace and prosperity, to be broken up with the advent of the 21st century, a terrorist attack and a new (and highly flawed) president. I would say that the period of change is now upon us, and that the cataclysm that prompted these changes has already begun. Climate change, peak oil, the war on terror and many other issues have come to the fore, but back in the early 90's things were actually progressing quite well, and so the words of the spirit Camara reflected more the times than what was to come later.

Frater Barrabbas

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